Had a heart felt conversation about humour with my good friend Marcie.

Marcie (12:23:13 AM): speaking of Malcolm, the CEO just got back from Vegas. He wanted to see me tonight, but I have too much to do right now. He thinks I'm funny. He has his pick of models from Vegas but he wants to hang out w/me.
AWhig (12:23:23 AM): i just spent the last 25 minutes reading about some random guys life I found on the web
AWhig (12:23:26 AM): oh yeah?
AWhig (12:23:30 AM): are you flattered?
AWhig (12:23:37 AM): you are funny
Marcie (12:23:54 AM): Yeah, but also I let him know that the clothes don't come off as easily in person as they do on the phone. I just had to make that clear.
Marcie (12:24:01 AM): You think I'm funny?
AWhig (12:24:09 AM): i got an email from the woman I went out with last Thursday, wondering what I'm doing this week...
AWhig (12:24:11 AM): yes
AWhig (12:24:15 AM): your are funny
AWhig (12:24:19 AM): you're
Marcie (12:24:26 AM): Like if you were to describe me you'd say, that marcie is funny.
AWhig (12:25:03 AM): yes. one of the funniest women I know. you also like the type of humour I like
Marcie (12:25:29 AM): Richard. That is the best thing that anyone could ever say to me. I'm so happy!
AWhig (12:25:45 AM): stop that
AWhig (12:25:46 AM): :-)
Marcie (12:26:00 AM): I'm gushing! I'm totally happy! You like me. YOu really like me!
AWhig (12:26:14 AM): ah
AWhig (12:26:17 AM): shucks
AWhig (12:26:49 AM): i don't know what it is, but it's the whole sense of humour thing that binds me to certain people
Marcie (12:27:02 AM): Why what is our sense of humour?
AWhig (12:27:03 AM): i hang out with denis, jay, maya because of that
AWhig (12:27:22 AM): we all have it in common
Marcie (12:28:14 AM): but how would you categorize it?
AWhig (12:28:21 AM): uh, i don't know, sometimes it's just a turn of a phrase...or even just the voice we use, a lot of times, it's certain lines from films or shows, that we all know in common....and that really resonant with us, or we just think are fucking funny, just because they are
AWhig (12:28:42 AM): for instance
AWhig (12:28:46 AM): a line from bottle rocket
AWhig (12:29:00 AM): "Does that fact that I'm trying to do it for ya, do it for ya?"
AWhig (12:29:07 AM): we say that line to each other all the time
Marcie (12:29:07 AM): hahahah!
AWhig (12:29:17 AM): you have to do it with the right voice too
Marcie (12:29:30 AM): Oh, shit. I didn't even know that line, but it's fucking funny.
AWhig (12:30:03 AM): It takes place in a touching moment of the film, and we usually use it, when we kind of have one of those moments, but it's not serious, since we're always laughing at the line
AWhig (12:30:31 AM): like when we fuck up and we're being apologetic for something
AWhig (12:30:55 AM): it's kind of like how we communicate our emotions to each other, without actually saying them...we know what they mean
Marcie (12:31:31 AM): OH, so we're the type to mask the deeper emotions w/cliched humourous phrases in an attempt to escape the banality of our existence.
AWhig (12:32:10 AM): WRONG!!! we're the type to mask the deeper emotions with humourous phrases in an attempt to escape the banality of our existence.
AWhig (12:32:24 AM): :-)


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