Friday, January 31, 2003

I'm imagining a little Barry White was what this teacher played...

NAPLES, Fla. (AP) School officials fired a high school teacher who gave ninth-graders a demonstration on condoms using props including mood lighting, music and a banana. [More}
So my friend Steve is in town from San Diego. I haven't seen him in something like 5 years. We went to high school together in good old Bakersfield, CA. He's in town for a conference. We went out to dinner last night. I tried to give him a taste of what the Boston I enjoy is like. We headed over to B-Side Lounge for dinner and drinks, then went to the Boylston Street area where we had a drink at McCarthy's so he could check out the eye candy (it wasn't really happening last night), then went to my current favorite bar, Bukowski's, for a nice beer. They have a cask-conditioned ale every week. This week it was a Red Ale, don't recall the name, very smooth though...
Hey, just so you know, I am an official poster on the BostonWorks Job Blog, a blog dedicated to work-related info on the web. I'm going to try to make each of my posts a little humorous, just to take the edge off...

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

So dogs are playing us for fools...Man. I feel like a chooch...[More]

Dogs have evolved gimmicks that are perfectly attuned to turning humankind's instinctive foibles to their own purposes. In the natural order of things, any self-respecting prehistoric cave-dweller would have thrown a rock at any wild animal that showed up to steal some food. But the same wheedling, appeasing gestures that keep the lower members of a wolf pack from getting walloped by the alpha wolf — effusive greetings, mournful whining, abject cringing — turned out to work like a charm on egotistical, anthropomorphizing human beings. The best wheedlers lived to pass on those wheedling genes to the next generation, and the rest was dog history.

Friday, January 24, 2003

So, I recently have been rediscovering the charm of this bar down the street from my work, Bukowski's. The reason why I like this place is the music. It's my kind. Sparklehorse, wilco, and stuff I've never even heard of...I sometimes ask the bartender who is on the jukebox so I can pick up the album at Newbury Comics the next day.

I decided to look up another bar I liked, El Bobo in San Francisco in SOMA. Did a quick search on the web and found a review. Here's an excerpt...

Then, there's the jukebox. One word: Morphine. How much ass does that kick? A lot. Huge amounts. And the jukebox goes to random play when the money runs out. So you never have to drink in silence just because you're too cheap to sink a buck in the slot--or too drunk to get off your stool.

So, now I'm thinking, I'm drawn to these places by the music. I'm a huge Morphine fan, so it's all making sense to me.

You can read the review here [More]

I also just found this...related to El Bobo...It's a guy who likes to take self-portraits in the bathrooms of bars and restaurants.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

These bats have to have fresh blood every day or they will die. I'm a big fan of Angel, so to know that there are actual creatures like this is just so cool...If I were a vampire, I'd definitely be evil..;)

TIJERAS, New Mexico (AP) -- The littlest vampire lurks in the shadow, nestled under her mother's wing to nurse. This new arrival is the first captive birth in the United States of a rare vampire bat -- one of two bat species that feed solely on bird blood.[More]
Wired had a little news clip about the Hatfield and McCoys...I did a little googling and found some interesting short reads...
A Life article and a photo gallery

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

i thought this was funny...a little clip of a conversation...

AWhig (6:41:10 PM): yo
AWhig (6:41:26 PM): my friend is definitely coming and the couch is taken
AWhig (6:41:29 PM): for sure
AWhig (6:41:38 PM): can you figure something out?
wachs (6:43:46 PM): I can kill her.
AWhig (6:43:52 PM): hmm
AWhig (6:43:59 PM): that's a thought
AWhig (6:44:07 PM): but would you get away with it?
wachs (6:44:20 PM): I'm quite clever.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Just came back from seeing Adaptation. A great film. Fucken brilliant (to quote Bono at the Golden Globes last night) ;)
I might have to say this is my favorite film of the bunch I've seen in the last few days....It had humour and depth which are the two things I most enjoy out of art...About Schmidt has both of these qualities as well.

Monday, January 20, 2003

Okay now I'm pissed. Nothing against MLK, but cuz of the holiday, I won't be getting my IPod until Wednesday...Ugh. I don't even get the day off either, so I was doubly burned. It's been 3 days of walking around and riding the T without any auditory accompaniment and I'm going absolutely mad. I have to listen to other people's conversations on the T and really have no soundtrack going on for all the thoughts I have while walking alone, not talking to anyone (which is a lot)...I resorted to a lot more whistling than usual.

Yes, I took the plunge and bought an IPod (the 20 gig one). My portable CD player broke after about 7 months of use. I couldn't stand putting any more money into CD players...Now, granted, I did drop it on the pavement a week after I got it, splitting it open and scratching up the case, but I did put it back together and it seemed to work fine after that. I few months ago, it started acting spotty, but at the time I blamed that on it getting a little rain...Now it is kapput.

I think electronics are getting shoddier and shoddier every year. Hopefuly this IPod will at least last 5 years. The CD player I had before my last one lasted about 5...My digital camera is on its 5th year..God bless little Digipix (I just made up a cute name for my digital camera for the sake of this little pensee)...So maybe there is still hope.
This past weekend was a movie weekend defnitely...I had to catch up a bit, so I caught Lord of the Rings: Two Towers, The Pianist, and About Schmidt. Some little thoughts...

I liked Two Towers a lot, more so than the first one. The little montage about viggo mortensen's character leaving Liv Tyler's elf character was touching...;(. I also thought it kicked ass when Theodin (sp?) was brought back from insanity by Gandalf, and he reclaimed the throne... I now have to read the books to find out what happens in the third part. My sister gave me the books for x-mas awhile ago, but never got around to it...

The Pianist was amazing. I had a read a short article about it the previous week. Somehow I managed to miss the part that said it was based on a true story. You can imagine my surprise when at the end of the movie the epilogue is thrown up on the screen and explains what happen to some of the characters. Spilman along with some cunning and a lot of dumb luck, makes it through the Holocaust physically intact. The film shows pretty accurately what a lot of Holocaust survivors must have seen. First the humiliation the Nazis put them through, then the inhumane treatment in the ghettos and the labor camps, and then the chaotic, random murdering officers and soldiers did. I can't imagine the toll seeing all that would have on a person. You really have to admire people who got through all that with some semblance of sanity...

About Schmidt. The film follows the life of a newly retired, recently widowed man, who starts questioning if his life actually matters now that most everything he identified with is gone. Very touching movie. The best parts are the narration provided by Warren's (Jack Nicholson) letters written to Ndugu, an orphan in Tanzania who he is sponsoring. I was moved, but my friend Jay was really moved, to the point of crying several times.
Ah, social mores are always changing...can't decide if it's for better or worse, or just a plain wash...

The Buddy System
Sex in High School and College: What's Love Got to Do With It?

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Okay so last night, I'm trying to catch up on TV I've missed since December on my trusty old Tivo...I finally watched the last Firefly episode. I thought the story was good, but the actors weren't in the groove with their characters (rightly so, since the last episode of Firefly was its pilot)...

I watched a couple of Osbournes as well. I still like that show, no matter what people say...The episode where Ozzy has an unhealthy obsession with burritos was good. I actually went out and after buying groceries, went to Anna's Taqueria to have a burrito, which I have not had since before x-mas. Anna's in case you don't know makes some damn fine burritos for being in Boston. Very cheap too, and they're open until 11 pm. which is a godsend. Boston is notorious for lacking late night food establishments (if you call 11 pm. late). At one point in the summer, I was eating 2 or 3 of those a week due to time constraints. Just goes to show you how easily I'm swayed by TV though ;). Hmm....TV...Mother, teacher, secret lover.

Back to the Osbournes, I also thought the part where their dog starts humping everything in sight was especially funny. The cat being raped was a sad though. He looked so helpless. I would like to think I would have put up more of a fight if it were me. Does this mean the dog has to register as a sex offender in the state of California?

Actually this reminds me of a conversation I had with Jay, Maya and Denis last week. We were trying to decide which would be better if we were raped by a guy. Would it be more desirable to have to perform oral sex on him, or take it up the butt. Jay, Denis, and Maya all preferred to perform oral sex, while I sided with taking up the butt. To me, having some dude's hoohaa in my mouth would not be something I'd want. Plus you'd have to be somewhat proactive, you know what I mean, moving the head, moving the hand maybe...up the butt is totally the way to go, if I had my druthers. Doesn't mean I'm gay or anything though. Their argument was that with oral, you're not totally out of control, like the guy isn't totally raping you. Up the butt means you're just being totally used. My thinking, is either way, you're being used, let's just be a little more hygenic about it shall we? No hoohaa in my mouth...I eat out of that man. Anyway, I digress...

Some old Futuramas, Malcolm in the Middles..what else. I left the Enterprises on the back burner. I always leave those on for awhile. I like the show, but it's not one of my totally must-see favorites...King of the Hill. I like the show, but it gets back burnered frequently.

The Simpsons episodes I had already watched a couple of days ago. Serviceable...Andy Richter, oh man love this show. It has its rough spots, but overall, I have to watch it. The Conan O'Brien episode was especially funny. "BEHOLD MY RADIANCE". I've been muttering that for the last week and a half...

Now, Once I clean that stuff off, I've got to finally watch Butterfield 8, this Liz Taylor movie I tivo'd several months ago...After that, I can then try my NetFlix gift subscription I got from Russ and Jess for X-mas...

The New Face of Global Competition
Not so long ago, India's Wipro Ltd. sold cooking oils and knockoff PCs. Now its 15,000 technologists cook up vital software applications and research for Ericsson, GM, the Home Depot, and other giant customers. Are you prepared to go head-to-head with the best the world has to offer? [More]

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Friday, January 10, 2003

I thought this was funny...

MTV: How about Ozzy? What's his cooking specialty?

Sharon: Ozzy's favorite thing years ago when we were first dating, he used to make stews. And everything used to go into these stews. And then I would find out he was putting drugs in the stew and it would have, you know, lovely fresh potatoes and broccoli and all kinds of stuff. And then I'd get to act all crazy and I'd end up at the end of the evening, like, breaking up the whole apartment. And I couldn't control my emotions. So it wasn't until months later that he told me he was putting drugs in the stew. So, it took me a while to get over that, you know, and I would eat his food for a while.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Talk about employee motivation...this is messed up.

Report: Congo Cannabilism
U.N. investigators say they have credible evidence that Congolese rebel troops are killing and eating pygmies in the dense tropical forests of northeastern Congo. Rebels hire pygmies to hunt for food for them and if the hunters return empty-handed, they are killed and eaten themselves, a U.N. official said. "We hear reports of ... commanders feeding on sexual organs of pygmies, apparently believing this would give them strength," said an official from a rival rebel group.

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Okay. Now I'm in Miami hanging with my aunt and uncle and little cousins. They're all so cute...Maybe I'll post a pic later.