Okay now I'm pissed. Nothing against MLK, but cuz of the holiday, I won't be getting my IPod until Wednesday...Ugh. I don't even get the day off either, so I was doubly burned. It's been 3 days of walking around and riding the T without any auditory accompaniment and I'm going absolutely mad. I have to listen to other people's conversations on the T and really have no soundtrack going on for all the thoughts I have while walking alone, not talking to anyone (which is a lot)...I resorted to a lot more whistling than usual.

Yes, I took the plunge and bought an IPod (the 20 gig one). My portable CD player broke after about 7 months of use. I couldn't stand putting any more money into CD players...Now, granted, I did drop it on the pavement a week after I got it, splitting it open and scratching up the case, but I did put it back together and it seemed to work fine after that. I few months ago, it started acting spotty, but at the time I blamed that on it getting a little rain...Now it is kapput.

I think electronics are getting shoddier and shoddier every year. Hopefuly this IPod will at least last 5 years. The CD player I had before my last one lasted about 5...My digital camera is on its 5th year..God bless little Digipix (I just made up a cute name for my digital camera for the sake of this little pensee)...So maybe there is still hope.


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