Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Conversation with my sis...She lives in LA

AWhig: how was the weekend?
AWhig: you never told me
cookwithwine: weekend of mine?
cookwithwine: this one or last one
AWhig: 3 days ago
cookwithwine: went to 2 stanely cup parties and met stars chad lowe and partied with the likes of hilary swank, john cusack, tony danza, gabrielle reese, nev cambell, and a bunch of pro hockey players
AWhig: that's weird
AWhig: cool
AWhig: anything cool happen? any gossip I can spread?
cookwithwine: let's see
cookwithwine: tony danza was driving his car with a beer in his hand
cookwithwine: nothing scandalous happened
cookwithwine: nev and john cussack are still dating after a year
AWhig: are chad and hillary happy looking?
cookwithwine: hilary and chad are married
cookwithwine: yes
AWhig: i know. did they look happy?
cookwithwine: yes
cookwithwine: they did
cookwithwine: chad is tiny man
cookwithwine: he looks 18
AWhig: :-)
cookwithwine: it was cool though, both john and chad greeted jim like a bud
AWhig: maya wants to know if john cusack was cute in person
AWhig: do they play hockey with him?
cookwithwine: yes
cookwithwine: with bruckheimer who was also at the party
cookwithwine: it's a jerry bruckheimer funded league]
AWhig: maya still wants to know...
cookwithwine: kind of gruff and pink looking
cookwithwine: with a little belly
AWhig: ah
cookwithwine: but cute none the less
AWhig: she's a big fan
cookwithwine: we've all seen him grow up and he's never been butt ugly
AWhig: true. he's like an everyman
cookwithwine: agree
cookwithwine: nev was cute
AWhig: i didn't know they were going out
cookwithwine: yeah, jim said since the last wedding he went to over a year ago

Friday, August 16, 2002

I love robot stories...

I emailed this to Jay and he said...

Bender507 (9:27:02 AM): we;re fucked
AWhig (9:27:18 AM): :-)

LONDON (Reuters) - A robot has taught itself the principles of flying -- learning in just three hours what evolution took millions of years to achieve, according to research by Swedish scientists published on Wednesday. [More]

Friday, August 02, 2002

My friend Denis was a little disturbed that none of our conversations have been written up in my log...so, here is our last one, which is actually, quite funny...

BrunoPuntz (10:56:51 AM): Hey
AWhig (11:22:59 AM): yo
BrunoPuntz (12:07:43 PM): how come none of my conversations make your weblog?
AWhig (12:21:08 PM): not funny enough
AWhig (12:21:09 PM): :-)
BrunoPuntz (2:14:42 PM): print this cocksucke

Thursday, August 01, 2002

another funny one...

johncoronella (7:43:24 PM): I'm not having good luck with gender today.
AWhig (7:43:57 PM): another snafu?
johncoronella (7:44:03 PM): I dropped 3 kittens off today to be spayed and newtered. 1 Male, and 2 females. The vet just informed me that I dropped of 3 males.
AWhig (7:44:20 PM): ha
johncoronella (7:44:32 PM): BTW: know anyone that wants a kitten?
Raju by the way is going for an arrainged marriage....

Rajujassar (7:39:40 PM): Dan leaves this crew in January, he gets bought out. My crap happend in March and I ask to leave now, they want me to pay
AWhig (7:40:22 PM): always pushin' the indian man down
AWhig (7:40:29 PM): how's your search for the desi girl?
Rajujassar (7:41:36 PM): I have and I like this particular candidate, but I think either her family or she doesn't want me
AWhig (7:41:53 PM): you can't tell ? :-)
Rajujassar (7:43:33 PM): I haven't even seen her up close, but her father sees me at church and he seems to avoid me
Rajujassar (7:44:17 PM): Once he mentioned in another conversation we had that his daughter is out of control and has a big mouth (in our culture that means she's too Americanized)
AWhig (7:45:30 PM): ah
Funny conversation with my friend Raju....Bhavik is this golf prodigy kid. We played with him and his father last time I was in Bako. I'm no expert, but he was pretty damn good...

Rajujassar (7:07:02 PM): Rich?
AWhig (7:07:09 PM): yo man
Rajujassar (7:07:34 PM): I'm on your cost, bro
Rajujassar (7:07:36 PM): coast
Rajujassar (7:07:48 PM): I'm in Virginia until Sunday night
Rajujassar (7:08:16 PM): Bhavik is in the US Kids World Championship and I am his caddy
AWhig (7:09:06 PM): holy shit
AWhig (7:09:17 PM): that's cool
AWhig (7:09:25 PM): are you getting your fill of grits?
Rajujassar (7:11:33 PM): Not yet, my friend
Rajujassar (7:11:55 PM): I'm inside Kinkos in Colonial Williamsburg
AWhig (7:12:01 PM): been there :-)
AWhig (7:12:12 PM): go check out Busch Gardens
AWhig (7:12:17 PM): or King's dominion :-)
Rajujassar (7:13:03 PM): The next two days I have to carry clubs for an 11 year old in humid ass heat
AWhig (7:13:22 PM): i wasn't going to say anything :-)
Rajujassar (7:13:50 PM): I could really use a vagina about now
AWhig (7:14:08 PM): it's there for the taking my friend, there for the taking
Rajujassar (7:14:32 PM): By the way, Bhavik apparently does party
AWhig (7:14:43 PM): have a good time. are there groupies for the caddies?
AWhig (7:14:47 PM): how so?
Rajujassar (7:15:17 PM): (Raju was making oral sex demo while making last comment)
AWhig (7:15:28 PM): got it
This sounds a lot like something I read last year about a new hand held computer game where you raised and trained a monster and then challenged other kids to fight their monster. This was all done wirelessly so it was aimed at school kids so they'd play in the hallways, etc. The marekting people identified the "cool" kids at the local schools and gave them free units as part of a study and let them take a couple units to school, in the hopes that because they were trend setters, a buzz would start and all the kids at the schools would want one...Pretty sly.

The WSJ reports today (31Jul02) that Sony Ericsson will be marketing their new T68i cellphone/camera combo unit via "shills" to create a grassroots buzz. Specific tactics will include fake tourist couples at popular attractions asking bystanders to take their picture, and "leaners": pairs of women ("actresses and female models") at bars playing interactive Battleship with each other from opposite ends of the bar. "[T]he company has gone to considerable lengths to train it's actors to avoid detection [as Ericsson spokespeople.]" Read [More]