Conversation with my sis...She lives in LA

AWhig: how was the weekend?
AWhig: you never told me
cookwithwine: weekend of mine?
cookwithwine: this one or last one
AWhig: 3 days ago
cookwithwine: went to 2 stanely cup parties and met stars chad lowe and partied with the likes of hilary swank, john cusack, tony danza, gabrielle reese, nev cambell, and a bunch of pro hockey players
AWhig: that's weird
AWhig: cool
AWhig: anything cool happen? any gossip I can spread?
cookwithwine: let's see
cookwithwine: tony danza was driving his car with a beer in his hand
cookwithwine: nothing scandalous happened
cookwithwine: nev and john cussack are still dating after a year
AWhig: are chad and hillary happy looking?
cookwithwine: hilary and chad are married
cookwithwine: yes
AWhig: i know. did they look happy?
cookwithwine: yes
cookwithwine: they did
cookwithwine: chad is tiny man
cookwithwine: he looks 18
AWhig: :-)
cookwithwine: it was cool though, both john and chad greeted jim like a bud
AWhig: maya wants to know if john cusack was cute in person
AWhig: do they play hockey with him?
cookwithwine: yes
cookwithwine: with bruckheimer who was also at the party
cookwithwine: it's a jerry bruckheimer funded league]
AWhig: maya still wants to know...
cookwithwine: kind of gruff and pink looking
cookwithwine: with a little belly
AWhig: ah
cookwithwine: but cute none the less
AWhig: she's a big fan
cookwithwine: we've all seen him grow up and he's never been butt ugly
AWhig: true. he's like an everyman
cookwithwine: agree
cookwithwine: nev was cute
AWhig: i didn't know they were going out
cookwithwine: yeah, jim said since the last wedding he went to over a year ago


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