Thursday, November 21, 2002

Paging Dr. Frankenstein...

This is so cool.

Scientists Planning to Make New Form of Life

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

I wanted to talk about the Real World (Las Vegas), but was too lazy to write anything again, so I'm posting an IM I had with maya about it...

AWhig (9:35:00 AM): are you still watching real world?
mayabazar (9:35:17 AM): we've fallen behind. I think we are three or four episodes behind
AWhig (9:35:25 AM): oh.
mayabazar (9:35:28 AM): hopefully there will be a marathon or soemthing this weekend,so we can catch up
AWhig (9:35:31 AM): i watched last nights
mayabazar (9:35:40 AM): any good?
AWhig (9:35:54 AM): these they are the real world producer's dream cast
mayabazar (9:36:02 AM): :-)
AWhig (9:36:13 AM): they have every social issue going on
AWhig (9:36:33 AM): can I tell you?
mayabazar (9:36:42 AM): sure
AWhig (9:37:06 AM): ok. i can't decide who's better, but I'm leaning towards trishelle
AWhig (9:37:12 AM): 1. experiments with lesbianism
mayabazar (9:37:20 AM): she is so hideous
AWhig (9:37:23 AM): 2. enter sex relationship with roomate steve
AWhig (9:37:29 AM): 3. possibly has bulimina
mayabazar (9:37:32 AM): nice
AWhig (9:37:33 AM): bulimia
AWhig (9:37:59 AM): 4. has been having unprotected sex with steve. and is late on her period.
mayabazar (9:38:07 AM): wow
AWhig (9:38:13 AM): she hasn't used birth control
mayabazar (9:38:24 AM): I'll definitely be taping this weekend
AWhig (9:38:31 AM): she's like every after school special wrapped into one person
mayabazar (9:38:37 AM): yup
AWhig (9:38:53 AM): the late period thing is near the end. my tivo stopped taping...
AWhig (9:38:57 AM): the alton
AWhig (9:39:02 AM): 1. broke up with girlfriend
AWhig (9:39:20 AM): 2. builds relationsihp with roommate
AWhig (9:39:37 AM): 3. has to rebuff roommate who comes on to him, the night before her boyfriend comes to visit her.
AWhig (9:40:06 AM): 4. reveals that his little brother was abducted and murdered when he was younger and his working with his mother to get the death penalty for the murderer
AWhig (9:40:51 AM): 5. is homophobic, and doesn't have any experience with gay people. steve's friend is gay and comes to visit. during this time, alton reveals when he was young, he was attacked by an old man who attempted to rape him.
mayabazar (9:41:42 AM): oh man
AWhig (9:41:47 AM): 6. while hanging out at the night club, (while steve's gay friend was visiting), some random stranger grabs alton's unit. alton wants to beat the shit out of him, but instead talks to him, and tells the guy he was being disrespectful
AWhig (9:42:04 AM): this is TOO GOOD
mayabazar (9:42:49 AM): :-)
AWhig (9:43:14 AM): oh. alton revealed the rape thing to Brynn when she wanted to now why he was so homophobic...her dad is gay.
AWhig (9:45:04 AM): after I wrote this, I think alton is a better cast member, story-wise. his stories are more hard-hitting.

Monday, November 18, 2002

This just in from London...I still don't really get how 23% of men said they have faked an orgasm...

Brit sex survey proves anticlimactic
'You name it, the British are doing it'
Monday, November 18, 2002 Posted: 1:23 PM EST (1823 GMT)

LONDON (Reuters) -- Women are not the only ones to turn on the acting abilities in the bedroom, said a survey released ahead of the world's largest adult festival in London.

The survey of 2,500 Britons, by organizers of the Erotica 2002 festival, said 23 percent of men claimed to have faked an orgasm, compared to 56 percent of women.

Almost half of the participants confessed to enjoying threesomes, the survey added.

Erotica said in a publicity statement sent over the weekend its survey had destroyed the myth the British are a nation of prudes. "Orgies, lust, cheating and faking it -- you name it, the British are doing it," the statement said.

Organisers of the festival, which begins on Friday, expect more than 60,000 people to attend the three-day event, where tantric sex tutors will be schooling willing pupils in the arts of sexual awareness and non-tactile arousal.

"The mass love-in will be closely monitored by security guards to stop things getting out of hand," Erotica's publicity statement added.

Another excellent story from Snatch...

AWhig (4:30:37 PM): hey
KELTIX (4:30:57 PM): hi
AWhig (4:31:16 PM): did you go to vegas or something?
KELTIX (4:31:30 PM): ya
AWhig (4:31:33 PM): for some reason i have that in my head
KELTIX (4:31:34 PM): just got back yesterday
KELTIX (4:31:43 PM): it was kinda weird
AWhig (4:31:48 PM): what was the occasion?
KELTIX (4:32:26 PM): my friend bolai is in monitor sales and there was a convention there this week
KELTIX (4:32:40 PM): she had us join her so we can help entertain her clients
AWhig (4:32:47 PM): monitor as in display screens?
KELTIX (4:32:53 PM): yes
AWhig (4:33:01 PM): you mean kind of like a geisha?
AWhig (4:33:01 PM): :-)
KELTIX (4:33:09 PM): her company makes them for apple and stuff
KELTIX (4:33:15 PM): yes, we were the geishas
AWhig (4:33:18 PM): ha
AWhig (4:33:21 PM): where were they from?
KELTIX (4:33:32 PM): ok, so friday night we had table reservations at light, the club at the bellagio
AWhig (4:33:46 PM): y
KELTIX (4:34:36 PM): we get there and there was a table full of these girls and i was like, oh my god they look like hookers and bolai was like, yes they are
KELTIX (4:34:45 PM): i was so pissed that we had to sit there
AWhig (4:34:53 PM): ahaahahahhaah
KELTIX (4:35:05 PM): and all the other men there didn't know who we were so i was upset that they might mistaken us for hookers too
AWhig (4:35:13 PM): ahahahahaahahahah
KELTIX (4:35:34 PM): and i wasn't warned so i was wearing this short skirt and sitting on the very plushy and low sofa
KELTIX (4:35:37 PM): it was not very fun
KELTIX (4:35:47 PM): i know you think its funny, but it wasn't at the time
KELTIX (4:36:10 PM): so they had these guys come over to the girls and be like, ok you have to go now, and one by one they were led away
KELTIX (4:36:13 PM): ewwwww
AWhig (4:37:14 PM): who had the guys come over and lead them away?
AWhig (4:37:51 PM): dude
AWhig (4:37:57 PM): you have the perfect life for a sitcom
KELTIX (4:38:01 PM): i don't know, i didn't know who any of those people were
AWhig (4:38:08 PM): where were the clients from?
KELTIX (4:38:21 PM): there was only one client that night, he was from apple
KELTIX (4:38:26 PM): but he brought his girlfriend
AWhig (4:38:31 PM): huh?
KELTIX (4:38:48 PM): i think the guys getting the hooker action were the bosses of the computer companies, not the clients
AWhig (4:38:50 PM): so there were like you and your friends, a bunch of hookers and a guy with his girlfriend?
KELTIX (4:39:15 PM): and all of my friend's co-workers
KELTIX (4:39:22 PM): there were a ton of us
KELTIX (4:39:53 PM): but the main hooker girl, i guess the pimp, hung out with us all night while her girls were working and she kept giving me the eye, i was so pissed
AWhig (4:40:08 PM): what do you mean giving you the eye?
KELTIX (4:40:15 PM): and later on bolai told me that she didn't like me cuz she thought i was competition, come on, like i can pass for a hooker
KELTIX (4:40:32 PM): how offensive is that???!!!!
AWhig (4:40:59 PM): how short was your skirt?
KELTIX (4:41:09 PM): we didn't have to pay for anything all weekend but that night, the bar tab was over 2,000 and we had to tip the waitress $450!!
AWhig (4:41:31 PM): so were the hookers hot?
KELTIX (4:41:55 PM): don't ask me how short my skirt was like that would make a god damn difference >:o
KELTIX (4:42:05 PM): the hookers were imported from taiwan
KELTIX (4:42:22 PM): they had that look, but i guess some men might find them to be hot
AWhig (4:42:32 PM): well, if a lady of the night thinks you're competition, there must have been a reason, no? :-)
AWhig (4:42:47 PM): i thought she was giving you the eye, cuz she thought you were responsible for having her girls be led away
AWhig (4:43:42 PM): you mean this women, flew in from Taiwan, to work the conference?
KELTIX (4:44:08 PM): yes!!
KELTIX (4:44:13 PM): there were like 5 girls
AWhig (4:44:18 PM): oh.
KELTIX (4:44:26 PM): 4 plus the pimp
KELTIX (4:44:31 PM): ridiculous
AWhig (4:44:37 PM): so, you being taiwanese, you by default were like them...
KELTIX (4:44:38 PM): and all night i was made to feel uncomfortable
AWhig (4:44:51 PM): that sucks
KELTIX (4:45:08 PM): shut the hell up, i'm this cute innocent looking girl, i have the wholesome look
AWhig (4:45:25 PM): but if the girls went away..then you were just hanging out with your friends, no?
KELTIX (4:45:39 PM): all those old men looked like they could be my dad's friends so it made it even more weird and uncomfortable
AWhig (4:45:46 PM): Yes, you are cute and innocent
KELTIX (4:46:10 PM): the rest of the non-hooker group were very fobby, i felt like i was in taiwan
AWhig (4:46:25 PM): oh, I thought they were your friends, they were your friend's friends
KELTIX (4:46:41 PM): but that's a bitchy thing to say, but you know, i'm in vegas so i want the vegas experience when i'm there, i don't want the taiwan experience
KELTIX (4:47:17 PM): but sat night, we had more fun, the hookers were gone and i got really fucked up
AWhig (4:47:28 PM): that's cool
Interesting Japanese TV show. Sounds like something you could get away with on comedy central...

We're all hooked on a bizarre TV show in Japan, a "mannequin drama" OH!
Mikey, which is filmed with outrageous looking fashion mannequins in
of actors. It's the story of the Fuccon family, father James, mother
Barbara and son Mikey, who came from America to start their new life in
Japan. In each episode of the show, the Fuccon family undergoes new
and tribulations as they learn about Japan. It's a kind of parody of
foreigners living in Japan, and the fact that expressions on the faces
the mannequins never change adds to the bizarreness of the story.

Friday, November 08, 2002

I love this they use technology in vegas. Those shows on the learning channel are always know, the ones about how they use cameras etc. to catch cheats. This one in Popular Science is about how they use networking to make huge payoffs on slots, etc. [More]

Thursday, November 07, 2002

uh oh...

Study: Lengthy computer use saps energy
Japanese researchers publish a study showing that prolonged daily computer use can make you sore and deplete your strength, energy and motivation. [More]
Back in the day, I was a huge Smiths fan. I remember having next to my bed my Smiths stack of cds, next to the Cure stack, which was next to the Police stack...

I found a little music rag out of singapore and they had this quote from Morrissey. Serious topic, funny ending...

For fans of the Smiths: Meat Is Murder, released in February 1985, was The Smiths' third album. Brilliantly successful, the album occupied the number one position of the UK mainstream charts for 33 weeks, and the number one position of the UK's alternative charts for an unprecedented 64 weeks. Frontman Morrissey, when asked if there was a link between home violence and institutionalized violence like the meat industry and war, said: "It's completely connected. It all weaves in and it's all kind of embroidered to make one overall foul image. From the time that you get hit when you're a child, as covered in a song called Barbarism Begins At Home, violence is the only answer. Conversation is pointless. And it continues through school. Certainly if you go to a working class school...I think as long as human beings are so violent towards animals there will be war. It might sound absurd, but if you really think about the situation it all makes sense. Where there's this absolute lack of sensitivity where life is concerned, there will always be war. And, of course, there will always be war as long as there are people willing to fight wars in armies. Which is quite another matter, which I must cover one day on a B-side."

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

This sucks. I guess anything that really is a "necessity" eventually becomes commoditized

Analysts Mull Future Potential of PVR Ad-Zapping Technology

Monday, November 04, 2002

Panama begins blocking IP ports

In an apparent attempt to stem telephone company revenue losses due to Internet telephony, the government of Panama has decreed that 24 UDP ports be blocked by all Internet service providers.

Okay, this makes me mad. I'm pretty confident that this won't stay in place. Too much business is done over IP Telephony these days. Those call centers in Latin America that service the U.S. probably go through Panama. Pretty lame move by Panama, in my opinion.