Another excellent story from Snatch...

AWhig (4:30:37 PM): hey
KELTIX (4:30:57 PM): hi
AWhig (4:31:16 PM): did you go to vegas or something?
KELTIX (4:31:30 PM): ya
AWhig (4:31:33 PM): for some reason i have that in my head
KELTIX (4:31:34 PM): just got back yesterday
KELTIX (4:31:43 PM): it was kinda weird
AWhig (4:31:48 PM): what was the occasion?
KELTIX (4:32:26 PM): my friend bolai is in monitor sales and there was a convention there this week
KELTIX (4:32:40 PM): she had us join her so we can help entertain her clients
AWhig (4:32:47 PM): monitor as in display screens?
KELTIX (4:32:53 PM): yes
AWhig (4:33:01 PM): you mean kind of like a geisha?
AWhig (4:33:01 PM): :-)
KELTIX (4:33:09 PM): her company makes them for apple and stuff
KELTIX (4:33:15 PM): yes, we were the geishas
AWhig (4:33:18 PM): ha
AWhig (4:33:21 PM): where were they from?
KELTIX (4:33:32 PM): ok, so friday night we had table reservations at light, the club at the bellagio
AWhig (4:33:46 PM): y
KELTIX (4:34:36 PM): we get there and there was a table full of these girls and i was like, oh my god they look like hookers and bolai was like, yes they are
KELTIX (4:34:45 PM): i was so pissed that we had to sit there
AWhig (4:34:53 PM): ahaahahahhaah
KELTIX (4:35:05 PM): and all the other men there didn't know who we were so i was upset that they might mistaken us for hookers too
AWhig (4:35:13 PM): ahahahahaahahahah
KELTIX (4:35:34 PM): and i wasn't warned so i was wearing this short skirt and sitting on the very plushy and low sofa
KELTIX (4:35:37 PM): it was not very fun
KELTIX (4:35:47 PM): i know you think its funny, but it wasn't at the time
KELTIX (4:36:10 PM): so they had these guys come over to the girls and be like, ok you have to go now, and one by one they were led away
KELTIX (4:36:13 PM): ewwwww
AWhig (4:37:14 PM): who had the guys come over and lead them away?
AWhig (4:37:51 PM): dude
AWhig (4:37:57 PM): you have the perfect life for a sitcom
KELTIX (4:38:01 PM): i don't know, i didn't know who any of those people were
AWhig (4:38:08 PM): where were the clients from?
KELTIX (4:38:21 PM): there was only one client that night, he was from apple
KELTIX (4:38:26 PM): but he brought his girlfriend
AWhig (4:38:31 PM): huh?
KELTIX (4:38:48 PM): i think the guys getting the hooker action were the bosses of the computer companies, not the clients
AWhig (4:38:50 PM): so there were like you and your friends, a bunch of hookers and a guy with his girlfriend?
KELTIX (4:39:15 PM): and all of my friend's co-workers
KELTIX (4:39:22 PM): there were a ton of us
KELTIX (4:39:53 PM): but the main hooker girl, i guess the pimp, hung out with us all night while her girls were working and she kept giving me the eye, i was so pissed
AWhig (4:40:08 PM): what do you mean giving you the eye?
KELTIX (4:40:15 PM): and later on bolai told me that she didn't like me cuz she thought i was competition, come on, like i can pass for a hooker
KELTIX (4:40:32 PM): how offensive is that???!!!!
AWhig (4:40:59 PM): how short was your skirt?
KELTIX (4:41:09 PM): we didn't have to pay for anything all weekend but that night, the bar tab was over 2,000 and we had to tip the waitress $450!!
AWhig (4:41:31 PM): so were the hookers hot?
KELTIX (4:41:55 PM): don't ask me how short my skirt was like that would make a god damn difference >:o
KELTIX (4:42:05 PM): the hookers were imported from taiwan
KELTIX (4:42:22 PM): they had that look, but i guess some men might find them to be hot
AWhig (4:42:32 PM): well, if a lady of the night thinks you're competition, there must have been a reason, no? :-)
AWhig (4:42:47 PM): i thought she was giving you the eye, cuz she thought you were responsible for having her girls be led away
AWhig (4:43:42 PM): you mean this women, flew in from Taiwan, to work the conference?
KELTIX (4:44:08 PM): yes!!
KELTIX (4:44:13 PM): there were like 5 girls
AWhig (4:44:18 PM): oh.
KELTIX (4:44:26 PM): 4 plus the pimp
KELTIX (4:44:31 PM): ridiculous
AWhig (4:44:37 PM): so, you being taiwanese, you by default were like them...
KELTIX (4:44:38 PM): and all night i was made to feel uncomfortable
AWhig (4:44:51 PM): that sucks
KELTIX (4:45:08 PM): shut the hell up, i'm this cute innocent looking girl, i have the wholesome look
AWhig (4:45:25 PM): but if the girls went away..then you were just hanging out with your friends, no?
KELTIX (4:45:39 PM): all those old men looked like they could be my dad's friends so it made it even more weird and uncomfortable
AWhig (4:45:46 PM): Yes, you are cute and innocent
KELTIX (4:46:10 PM): the rest of the non-hooker group were very fobby, i felt like i was in taiwan
AWhig (4:46:25 PM): oh, I thought they were your friends, they were your friend's friends
KELTIX (4:46:41 PM): but that's a bitchy thing to say, but you know, i'm in vegas so i want the vegas experience when i'm there, i don't want the taiwan experience
KELTIX (4:47:17 PM): but sat night, we had more fun, the hookers were gone and i got really fucked up
AWhig (4:47:28 PM): that's cool


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