Tuesday, April 30, 2002

I'm psyched. I think I watched every episode of Max Headroom when it on the air. I even had a Max Headroom sticker I put on my RC car toolbox. I was totally in love with Amanda Pays and her British accent. Then she got married to Corbin Bernsen...the dream was over...

Also from Slash and others, a story about a Transformer revival. A couple of years ago my friends and I toyed with the idea of a Transformer musical. A possible story line was about a young transformer who doesn't know what he turns into yet...He'd sing in this falsetto voice, voicing his adolescent worries, etc....

From Slashdot:

Everyone's favorite 80's construct, Max Headroom, has returned thanks to the people at TechTV. According to their website, they will be rebroadcasting all 14 episodes starting this Friday! This series was doing ethics themes based on designer babies, corporate controlled media, brain scanning and more before some of us were capable of hitting record on the old VCR. "

In a sequel of sorts to Monday's post on Max Headroom, the Associated Press (by way of CNN) is reporting on the revival of the Transformers. Perhaps the ultimate '80s TV cartoon experience, the Transformers were (and still are) also marketed as a seemingly endless collection of toys; robots that could transform into cars, trucks, planes, and almost anything else their designers imagined. Rhino Records has just released a 4-DVD boxed set of the show's first season, and Hasbro is considering a reissue of the original '80s toy line, something that Japan's Takara Toy Company has already done, with great success."

Monday, April 29, 2002

Interesting excerpt on Power Negotiating... [More Info]

Took this from a website about freelancing...www.unitof1.com

Now, I love dogs, but I also try to respect the different cultures of the world, so I'm not opposed to eating dog meat....

When the World Cup takes place in South Korea this summer, a group of restaurant owners plans to offer foreign tourists free samples of soup and sandwiches, all made from dog meat. Although animal rights groups have condemned the practice as "barbarous," advocates argue that it's part of South Korean cuisine, just as horse meat, snails and pigeon are in other countries. "Our campaign is aimed at advertising our traditional food to foreigners to dispel their prejudices about our food culture," the group said. There are an estimated 6,000 dog meat restaurants in the nation.

Friday, April 26, 2002

Just found this...Sound clips from the movie Friday....[More Info].


Homer sounds clips...[More Info]
So I stayed in last night. I've been determined to play this video game I bought a few months ago, Grand Theft Auto III. I saw a really funny commercial for it a few nights ago, and was kind of bummed, because I paid 45 bucks for it, and have hardly played it. So I devoted a few hours to climbing the underworld corporate ladder by taking on a few assignments from Leon and Joey. The last one I did was where I had to kill "Chunky" Lee Chong, a vendor in Chinatown. I spent an hour doing this one over and over till I got it right. Nothing like running over people, crashing cars and executing people, to end the day...At some point, my heart was racing after I sucessfully shot some gang dudes, outran the police and finally beat the shit out of "Chunky". I was so pissed because I previously had finished the mission, but got caught by the police because I turned on to a deadend street. I weep for the future....

I also watched Survivor. Finally that bitch Zoe is off. I always hated her smirk. Now for Tammy to go...I don't know who I want to win. I think Sean, the teacher from NYC probably needs it more than Paschal the Judge. Neulah, I'm not sure....she's Mormon. I think she has to give half of it to the church of Latter Day Saints...Speaking of Mormons. I saw two "brothers" on their mission, strolling around Somerville yesterday...It must be Spring...
Dudes, My friend Erik showed this to me. Cookie Cutter Pub's... [More Info]

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

So my friends Jay and Denis collect Star War figures. Last night at midnight they went to go find Episode II figures. Here's some photos of that event...[More Info]
Interesting article about locust....In 1875 the species formed the largest recorded locust swarm in the history of humankind, 1,800 miles long and 110 miles wide, equaling the combined area of Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. [More Info].

Bart and Homer walking away after setting free a swarm of locust inside George Bush's house...

Bart: Hey Homer, where'd you get the idea for the locust?
Homer: It's all in the trickster's handbook my boy. The Bible....

Haven't been up to much lately. Just been hanging out, try to prepare for the race this weekend. This past Friday, went to Magnolia near Inman square. They're kind of like yuppified Southern food. I had the BBQ chicken which quite good actually. We then went to see Human Nature at Kendall. It was a decent movie. Some funny moments...Then went to TOAD to hear some music. This crappy band was playing, lead violin, guy on cello, guitar and drums. I was not really into it. It kind of reminded me of bad Kronos Quartet stuff. It was making me very agitated, but then in walks Ashley and Carrie, the Canadians. We ended up hanging out the rest of the night...Good times.

Saturday night, had dinner at the Metro with the crew. The Metro is this French bistro that opened up several months ago in Porter Square. I've been wanting to go for awhile. I liked the atmosphere, low lighting. I had the Steak Frittes, which is good, but it's pretty pricey for what you get. Jay and Russ' sidecars sucked...I then went to see the Tarbox Ramblers at the Burren. As always, put on a good show.

Sunday afternoon, we bombed around downtown Boston after checking out a comic book convention. Russ was looking for the unaired Tick episode to put on his DVD he made. I've never been to a real comic book convention, but it pretty much had all the stereotypes you see on TV. A lot of guys where these Superhero shirts, bad complections, the guys with the weird stares. In the corner was an older gentleman and someone who looked like his wife. He had a display up with artwork and it seemed he was a cartoonist of some sort from probably a couple of decades ago. Nobody was paying much attention to him, which was kind of sad. There was a younger guy, doing the same thing, giving autographs and I had a moment where I wanted to go up to him and tell him he was just a "tracer", which was pretty funny in my mind, but he's probably heard it a million times...

Walked on Newbury, Boylston, popped into different stores. Took the bus back up to Harvard and cruised around there a bit before heading home.

Sunday night after the shows, I went ahead and cleaned up my CD mess I've been cultivating for the past several months. I really wanted to listen to my Beheaded CD by Bedhead which I couldn't find. The only way to find it would be put everything back on the shelves. Took me 2 hours to do it. Then I couldn't find my Richard Buckner CD, Since and I started freakin' out. I mean I looked everywhere. I went through all the CD cases on my secondary rack and did not find it. I went ahead and checked my backpack one last time and I found it. By this time it was 2 AM. I'm not really anal about many things, but I'm totally anal about CD's. About 3 years ago, I misplaced a Skatalites CD, 1 out of a 2 CD set. To this day I have not found it. I'm pretty sure it's in my primary CD rack somewhere, in a case where I doubled up the CDs when I had them in my car (which I always do and have a pretty good system for not misplacing them now). One of these days I'll find it, but I'm pretty sure I'll have to file through all of the cases looking for it...

As a kid I use to be totally into cleaning my room up, making my bed, putting all my paperclips in the little holder, etc., but around 8th grade I was like, fuck this, and stopped paying close attention to those sorts of things. My mom has always blamed my a friend of mine for corrupting me. About this time I started hanging out with him and his friends. At some point my mom, after getting exasperate with me not making my bed, pointed at him for putting those thoughts in my head...
Well well. I haven't been here in awhile...

Just read this whacked article on a free love hippie Apple Dealership commune from the 80's in Wired. [More Info]

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Man. My sister just got back from London this past weekend and I haven't had a chance to talk to her yet. I spoke with my mom last night and she mentioned Jen has a new job...Anyway, I wanted to know what was up, so I pinged my sister's friend Anne for some info...Here's what transpired...

AWhig: yo
Anne Montone: hey
AWhig: do you know what my sister's new job is?
Anne Montone: receptionist at a trailer company
AWhig: really?
AWhig: is it a temp thing or fulltime?
Anne Montone: full time!
Anne Montone: and i think she can really move up in the company if she works hard
Anne Montone: they know she wants to edit....so i think she might get some great training
Anne Montone: she's at the universal lot
AWhig: oh "trailer" company
AWhig: i'm thinking trucks, tractor/trailers
AWhig: :-)
Anne Montone: hahahahahahhahahahahaha
AWhig: I was like, whaaaaaatt?
Anne Montone: hahahahahaha
Anne Montone: i'm crackin' up
AWhig: I was worried for a second...
Anne Montone: oh man
AWhig: I'm thinking, dirty men, country music, corn nuts and coke, laying around
Anne Montone: poor jennifer
Anne Montone: we would all be worried i think
Anne Montone: but then again, maybe it would be like bakersfield
Anne Montone: ;-)
Well, I went to NYC this past weekend to visit Robin and go to Henry's B-day dinner. We met Henry and co. at Tao a restaurant in NYC that was very nice. In attendacne we Marcie Uemura, Robin, Tommy, TJ and Stacey, Henry's brother Phil and his girlfriend, and some other friends of Henry. There's was a total scene going on at Tao and I felt like I was in a TV show when I left. A ton of NYC bettys in the bar...Actually, this place was a restaurant the girls visited on Sex in the City. In the center of the dining room is a 30 foot Buddha statue, surrounded by a little pond filled with goldfish. After dinner, (which consisted of some really good pan-asian food), we went to a Louis', a wine bar in alphabet city and hung out there for awhile. We then went to one last bar, where we had a couple of Chimay's before we retired for the night. The next day, Robin and I went for some Dim Sum at her favorite place on Long Island. We then watched "A Taxing Woman", a Japanese film on DVD she borrowed from the library and then I took off for Boston...

And by the way, the score is now Richard 10, Alcohol 1. I caved in finally. I was in NYC, partying it up with friends, so I couldn't bypass the drinks....

Wow, this guy lead an amazing and charmed life. [More]

Friday, April 12, 2002

Another good Boston marathon article. [More Info]
Awesome article in the LA Times about Karaoke Bars. Can't wait to go to some in Hawaii. They're always a good time. I've sung "Roxanne" by the Police in New Orleans, Lousiana, Honolulu, Hawaii, Joinville, Brazil, and Brussels, Belgium. I just need to add Africa as my next continent. [More Info]

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Jogged 3 miles on the treadmill. 25 minutes. 8:20 minute miles

Can't decide if I want to see Giant Sand tonight at the Middle East. There's still time to make it...

AWhig: i also did 8 minute dating on Tuesday with Jody
AWhig: ABC's 20/20 was there. I might be on camera
BrunoPuntz: anything happen on 8 minute dating?
AWhig: i put down 2 woman for dating. my conversations weren't the best, but I thought they were cute...I had a good conversation with a girl, who was totally in to me, but I didn't find her attractive
AWhig: another girl, I was totally getting vibes from, but I wasn't in to her
AWhig: jody didn't like anybody...
BrunoPuntz: so, you'd rather be in contact with a hot chick you don't like or click with, rather than a may-not-be-as-hot chick you get along great with?
AWhig: yes. Because I know for a fact that I'm not attracted to the girl with the good conversation, but it's still uncertain that the bad conversation girl is not good...going on date can clear up that mystery
AWhig: i worked this out :-)
BrunoPuntz: what if the girl thinks she didnt click with you though, and you never get to go out with anybody?
AWhig: i'd prefer that.
AWhig: i don't want to waste time with someone I'm not attracted to
AWhig: make sense?
BrunoPuntz: ah, but has there ever been anybody that you grew more attracted to, past first impression?
AWhig: physically, no...if there is anything I find attractive when I first meet, that's always there...
AWhig: for me it usually goes the other way...
AWhig: they look hot, but as you get to know them, if they suck, they're not as attractive
BrunoPuntz: so, there has never been anyone that you suddenly looked at in a different light as you knew them for a long time?
AWhig: yes, they can look less attractive over time, due to their personality
AWhig: as I get to know them
BrunoPuntz: so there's never anyone ever who got more attractive?
AWhig: nope
Good News!!!

My sister's band, Elephonic, just had their songs added to the KCRW playlist. KCRW is the NPR station in LA. They do the show "Morning Becomes Eclectic" which plays cooler music and usually has interesting artists play in-studios. If you go to their site you can find an archive of them, in streaming audio format. I especially like the Richard Buckner and PJ Harvey in-studios.

My sister Jen use to work part-time for a DJ who fills in for Nic Harcourt of "Morning Becomes Eclectic" and he use to spin their demo songs every once in awhile.

Now people just have to call in and request their songs ;). If you check out Elephonic's site, you can listen to their songs in MP3 format...
Experiment continues...

AWhig: sucka
Anne Montone: hey!
Anne Montone: >:o
Anne Montone: hhahahahahaaaa

AWhig: sucka
JoyceeMama: HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JoyceeMama: wassup geee!
I've watched 2 episodes of the Traffik miniseries. It's a BBC miniseries made in the late 80's which the movie Traffic by Steven Soderbergh was based on. They pretty much have the same plot lines, except the one involving the corrupt Mexican police and how they must do what they do to make a living. In Traffik, this plot line was originally about Pakistani farmers who grow Poppys in order to feed their families. The Pakistani government tries to please Britain with it's anti-Poppy legislation and programs to help replace the Poppy fields with other cash crops. An article in the LA Times, talks about this very subject... [More Info]
blues/rock singer
Port Arthur, Texas
September 3, 1969

I have like what anyone would call like, say, a loneliness, a loneliness of my own. But it's just a private trip and probably shouldn't be forced on other people that much, you know what I mean? God, fuck it. Who cares how lonely you feel. You just have to learn to deal with it like everybody else does. Everybody has that, I think. Everybody. Even Christians.

I remember I used to think, goddamn it, it's because I'm a chick or it's because I haven't figured it out yet. It's because I'm not twenty-one. It's because I haven't read this or I haven't tried that.... Well, I've done every fucking thing and now I know better. There is no "because." And it's not going to get any better.

My father.... See, my father is a very intelligent man and I used to talk to him a lot because he reads and he's pretty sensitive and I was a mixed-up kid and too smart for my age-right? Anyway, so when I was eighteen, I ran away. Well,...went to California. One day this thing comes along and I learned something. It went pfshutt right in the side of my head and I sat up...and realized something. I ran up and wrote a long, long letter to my father all about how I'd felt growing up was like climbing a hill and that sooner or later you'd figure it out and it'd all come together and you'd level out and it wouldn't be such a fucking struggle every day, you know?... But then I realized there wasn't any leveling out, you know? You have the same fucking problem- or more-when you get old. I mean, you got more to deal with. It isn't gonna turn that corner, man. It just keeps going right on straight uphill.

So I wrote my father and explained this whole thing. Well, the next time I came home-my father has this friend, another man who's also very intelligent-and my father had evidently let him read my letter. You know, "Look what Janis is going through." They were proud of me because I was a thinker and they liked that because they were thinkers. So when I got home, this guy comes up to me and he says, "Well, I hear you learned about the Great Saturday Night Swindle." That's what he called it.

The realization that there isn't going to be any turning point.... There isn't going to be any next-month-it'll-be-better, next fucking year, next fucking life. You don't have any time to wait for. You just got to look around you and say, So this is it. This is really all there is to it. This little thing. Everybody needing such little things and they can't get them. Everybody needing just a little...confidence from somebody else and they can't get it. Everybody, everybody fighting to protect their little feelings. Everybody, you know, like reaching out tentatively but drawing back. It's so shallow and seems so...fucking...it seems like such a shame. It's so close to being like really right and good and open and amorphous and giving and everything. But it's not. And it ain't gonna be.
Baiting Jay...

AWhig: dude,
Bender507: dude
AWhig: I heard that Yoda dies in the new star wars movie
Bender507: Sure. And he's going to be digitally removed for IV - VI
AWhig: no, he comes back somehow in the next movie
Bender507: Right
Bender507: No spoilers even if jokes

He then proceeded to warn me on AIM. Bastard...
Okay, so I've been working at this place for about a month a half. I've met most of the people who work around me and they're pretty cool. They are in the sales department, so they are always on the phone talking to potential clients, etc. I almost know the sales pitch by heart now...Anyway, one girl I'll call her "Jane", has a shaved head. I couldn't decide if she was a lesbian, or it was the result of something like chemotherapy.

So anyway, she's on the phone yesterday talking to a friend, and from the conversation I could tell her friend was diagnosed with cancer and was discussing it with her. At some point Jane mentions HER diagnosis and the therapy that she is doing. So she has cancer.

Later on in the day, Jeff, a co-worker who sits behind her was on the phone talking to his friend. At some point in the conversation he says, "I'll be there wearing the powder blue leisure suit...", and hangs up the phone. Jane, joking around with Jeff says, "Jeff, that image almost makes me want to change teams...". So, she's a lesbian.

A lesbian who's doing chemo. I didn't see that one coming...

I jogged 7.5 miles yesterday, 64 minutes. 8:30 minute miles about.

Then went to dance class and went over the Rhumba again. There's not a whole bunch to it, so we were kind of bored. We then learned a very simple cha cha cha step. It was kind of funny, for some reason Malena couldn't get it. She was missing the back step on the last half of the step. The teacher came by while I was dancing with Diane and tried the step with Malena. Diane and I were watching and Malena wasn't quite getting it, and it was pretty funny. We kind of laughed out loud and Malena got a little pissed.... Then we started the Tango. We were suppose to go in a circle around the room, but I got distracted and went straight across the room and almost ran into another couple. Kind of funny. Then I got the hang of it and steered my partner (Malena) in a way to compensate for the movement to the side that happens with the steps. Can't wait to learn more of the Tango.

Then met Magee at Tir Na Nog to check out a band called Rusted Farm. Never been there though it's right down the street from me. Very nice bar. They have a lot of music there that's usually old-timey. Have to go back there again. Magee was there to give a "minor hero" of his, a CD of his band the Scrimshanders. His name is Maddux and he's the drummer of the band. The guys played with Nick Drake, Jethro Tull (the bad years), and Paul McCartney, and others...

Oh, So far, the score is now Rich 10 Alcohol 0. Haven't gone out as much this week....

Here's an awesome article about modelling artificial societies. Really fascinating stuff, espcially the models that looked at racial tensions and genocide. Kind of makes me sad I didn't do anything with my economics degree. Kind of cool, running these models to try and explain societal behaviours. [More Info]

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Okay, so this morning I IM'ed various people the word "sucka" to see what they would come back with...

AWhig: sucka
mayabazar: beatch

AWhig: sucka
BrunoPuntz: sucka

AWhig: sucka
wachs: super sucka
wachs: super duper sucka

AWhig: sucka
mdupuis282: yo mama

AWhig: sucka
shanders99: yo

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Interesting article. Ties into the running kick I'm on...

The running animal

In the evolutionary race, scientists find humans were built to outlast the competition. [More Info]
So the Yo La Tengo scored movies were pretty cool. I didn't really know what I was going to see until I was there, but it turned out to be a series of underwater nature films with the volume turned down and the music provided by YLT. There were some inspiring moments, especially the music that accompanied the Sea Horse movie and the one about octopuses (or is that octopi). The French narration was translated and subtitled in English at the bottom of the screen and provided a few laughs. Those crazy frogs...

One movie was of ice crystals forming for about 10 minutes and YLT turned in one of their patented noisefest orgies. I use to find these terribly annoying, but at some point, after seeing them a bunch of times, I started finding it humorous. I like to watch the crowd reaction and see the people who are not as familiar with them get all fidgety and agitated. I guess it's my form of feeling like I'm in the "in" crowd....;) Other films were of mostly microscopic creatures, including tiny little jellyfish (I was bummed these weren't the classical jellyfish, as I know them).

Another thing I noticed, most of the films showed how the different sea creatures reproduced and I realized in nature, pretty much all the females get raped. The Sea Horses were an exception. The guy has a pouch, where the females puts her eggs and they get fertilized in there. The male then keeps them for a few weeks and ends up birthing the offspring. The film showed the males all going into labor which looked pretty funny since they're all over the place the whole time, and this can last for hours or days...

It was pretty much sold out and I didn't know it was general admission so I got there late and ended up sitting way up. The Somerville Theater seats were as always really cramped but I got to hang my legs off to the side...

Monday, April 08, 2002

So tonight I'm off to see Yo La Tengo at the Somerville Theater. They're providing the soundtrack to some trippy experimental French films from the 60's done by Jean Painleve. Hope it's good...I think there's a lot of images of jellyfish involved. [More Info]
Reading over my past posts, I realized I use the word "boggling" a lot. Well twice. It's freakin' me out, cuz I never use the word "boggling"...
This just in from my sister...


what was the name of the city we stayed at the b and b when we were here? I feel that we are near to that place right now. Jim's parents live in the city of Twickenham, near Richmond, and we are 15 min or so from London.

We took a jog, jim and I , along the river thames, Jim's parents' apt is along the river. it's beautiful here. We visited the castle at leeds in the county of kent, and today we are going to play.

lvoe jen

We stayed in Putney, near Putney Bridge when we were there for Thanksgiving 1999...

So Saturday I was feeling kind of crappy because I hadn't really worked out since last Monday. I get to the gym late and after lifting a bit, I decide to go jogging around Fresh Pond. I kind of decided earlier that I was going for a long jog and not go to dinner with friends at 6:30. So i'm jogging and finished my usual 2 times around and decided to go for a 3rd time around. Felt pretty good after 3 laps and then said what the hell, I'll do a fourth, I already missed dinner. And I did it! I've never done that before. A lap is about 2.5 miles so I did about 10 miles, which is kind of boggling to me. The most I've run is about 6 or 7 miles...I did take it easy though, about 9:30 minute miles. took me 92 minutes.....Afterwords I had a bite to eat to eat and I met everyone at Devon's Margarita party. Of course, I didn't have any tequila so the score now is:

Rich 8 Alcohol 0

Sunday I watched Training Day on DVD. I thought it was an awesome movie. Gotta love Denzel. I think I was drawn to grittiness of the street and how they portrayed it.

Then went jogging after messing around on my computer for a bit. Jogged about 7.5 miles this time. 68 minutes which is is about 9 minute miles...

Saturday, April 06, 2002

Rich 7 Alcohol 0

So, I'm at work yesterday and near the end of the day, the sales team throws a party and next thing you know I'm surround by people all drinking Bud. Did I have one...Nope. Then last night at dinner we go to this chinese seafood restaurant who had a whole slew of old school tropical drinks on the menu. Jay had a Navy Grog, which is Gin and pineapple juice and other stuff...I didn't have a drink, but I did try a sip of his...Wasn't bad.

So it's kind of boggling. So far this week I've been in seven situations where people are having a drink. I haven't even hit Saturday night yet...

Friday, April 05, 2002

Score so far:

Rich 5 Alcohol 0

I met my friend Ryan and his v-ball team at Border Cafe in Harvard Square, but instead of drinking margaritas like everyone else, I had 2 huge glasses of water...I only have to make it through Friday and Saturday to complete my first week of no alcohol...

Funny thing happened. (Names have been changed to protect the innocent...). I met this girl Sarah at the bar, who's a friend of Francesca, a girl on Ryan's v-ball team. They're both from Canada . Anyway, Francesca and Paul got in a fight over anal sex, so I ended up taking Sarah home. Sarah proceeded to relate an awesome story of how this guy totally screwed her over and how he tried to hide the facts after she found out that he had a girlfriend back in Oregon...

The way she told it, she moved to Los Angeles for a project and didn't know anyone (she works for a consulting company). This guy Craig was her mentor and they ended up spending a lot of time together. Eventually, a week before she was being transferred to Baltimore, she starts dating Craig .So after moving to Baltimore, a spot opens up on her team and Craig's project finishes up in LA. She recommends Craig for the opened position in Baltimore and he gets it so he ends up moving to Baltimore. Blah blah blah, they date for awhile, and get to the 6 month marker.

One weekend, Sarah asks Craig about his weekend plans, to see if he wants to hang out etc. He says he can't because he's going to Monterrey to hang out with friends. Later that day, she ends up working at his computer and happens to see a bunch of emails from someone named Rachel. She thought it was suspicious and opened up one of the emails. She reads one, and it talks about how Rachel is excited that Craig is coming to Oregon this weekend and that she thinks their relationship for the past year has been suffering, since he's been gone a lot. Then the rest of the email explains the reservations for their hotel,1 bedroom, check in time and all that. Sarah says she doesn't really know why she did it, she was a bit psycho at the time or something, but she didn't want to get caught reading his email so she forwarded a bunch of them to her email account. At this point, she's in total shock and pissed off. Craig walks into the office, and Sarah get's up and says she has to go and leaves early from work and goes home without any explanations.

She's still totally in shock, crying, etc. and calls her friend for support. Her friend tries to convince her that maybe she's jumping to conclusions, but Sarah opens the emails up on her computer that she forwarded and reads them to her friend. It's pretty clear that Craig has another girlfirend. A little later, Craig knocks on her door. He can tell Sarah is upset and starts asking what's wrong, is it work or something. He plays the total innocent. Sarah starts being sarcastic and says, yes it's work, not believing that Craig is trying to pull something on her. Craig then asks if she read his emails. She says yes, she read them. He asks what's wrong. She says, what do you mean what's wrong? He says nothing is going on, it's just a family friend, our families are meeting up in Oregon, etc. Sarah asks why he lied to her about the weekend and he says something about how they use to date and they are still good friends, but no one really knows they dated and he didn't want to say anything...

He asks again why she's upset and says she must of misread the email. Ssrah starts getting worked up over this and says "misread the email?!!!!"...Show me. Craig proceeds to open his email account and show her the email. Sarah starts reading it, and it's a completely different email. It says something abou how Tom and her can't wait to see Craig and here's the reservation information, 4 bedrooms, etc. etc. At this point Sarah gets weirded out. She double checks everything and for a split second thinks she made a mistake, but then realizes something is weird. She then tells Craig that this isn't the email. He insist that it is. Sarah again says no, this is not the email. He again insists that it is. Sarah then says, what if I told you, I sent copies of the emails to myself. Craig , thinking that she's bluffing, goes along and says, then you got a copy of this email. Sarah asks, "really?"...She then opens up her email account and shows Craig the "real" email.

Apparently Craig logged into Rachel's email account and sent an identical email, but changed certain information so that it looked harmless and had the information to support his story that he was meeting family friends. He then sent the email to himself, and tried to pass this off to Sarah. At this point, Craig starts crying and apologizing, and Sarah kicks him out....

Wait there's more....So Sarah and Craig broke up. Craig transfers to another project shortly thereafter, what's done is done. Sarah wants nothing to do with Craig and doesn't care at all what happens to him or his girlfriend. A few months alter, Sarah talks to her friend Jane who is a mutual friend of Craig. She tells her the whole story and how she was so humiliated and upset and all that. Jane comes back to Sarah, saying how Craig said to her, "well Sarah and I weren't really dating". This infuriates Sarah and she decides to blow the whistle on Craig. She sends an email to Rachel, introducing herself, explaining that she and Craig dated, giving her the exact dates, gives her contact info and says if she wants any more info, please call her. Sarah sends this thinking Rachel won't believe any of it. Who would believe a random email coming from a total stranger? A few hours later she gets a call from Rachel, saying thank you for sending the email and sounding very upset. Sarah learns that this wasn't the first time Craig had done this and that he had a history of infidelity...

So there you have it. This to me sounds like something out of movie. You can't write stuff better than this.

Oh, In the end, Sarah and Rachel became friends.

Thursday, April 04, 2002

Funny conversation with my friend Snatch....

KELTIX: i just got back from dallas last night
KELTIX: was there for 4 days
AWhig: what were you doing there?
KELTIX: visiting a friend and also trying to find investors
AWhig: investors?
KELTIX: its a long story but i'm trying to help this company get funded
AWhig: ah
AWhig: how much?
KELTIX: i actually found someone who was interested
KELTIX: only 500K
AWhig: what does the company do?
KELTIX: you know those texans, anything not in the millions is small
AWhig: yeah...have you seen the movie Giant?
KELTIX: its XXX, the company joy and i worked for
AWhig: oh
KELTIX: i went to these people's houses, i mean, who needs all that room???
AWhig: it's all about status
KELTIX: it was really crazy, they have 2 or 3 houses just to park their cars
KELTIX: yeah i know, they're all nouveau riche
KELTIX: my friend tina lives there, she just got married last year
KELTIX: she's been sick of her marriage already and is always fighting with her husband, so one night when we were having dinner alone, she forgot to turn off her phone after she talked to him and he heard us bitch about him for a half an hour
KELTIX: they got into a huge fight - i was so scared!!
AWhig: oh my god
AWhig: that shit only happens in the movies
KELTIX: we thought he was just threatning us but he repeated back everything we were saying
AWhig: holy fuck
KELTIX: thank god i was defending him
AWhig: :-)
AWhig: do you know him?
AWhig: who was the chick who was a host for MTV in Taiwan or Hong Kong or somethign?
KELTIX: yeah, she was doing tv stuff in taiwan
AWhig: I think Ryan said she was hot
KELTIX: yeah, well, she's one of those girls all guys think is hot
AWhig: ah
AWhig: I hate them
KELTIX: i've known him since she met him 11 years ago, in college
KELTIX: i have a lot of really hot friends, i'm just really confident
AWhig: well, my theory is that hot chicks tend to hang out together
AWhig: my friend jay says a hot chick usually hangs out with "not as hot" chicks
AWhig: he calls them "helpers"
KELTIX: aww, that's so sweet of you, i thought i'm the dog meat friend all the hot chicks have
AWhig: this is all based on empirical evidence. friendship is not involved here :-):-(
AWhig: :-)
KELTIX: so what are you saying? you're not judging, that you have proof that i'm 'not so hot'?
AWhig: i'm not trying to be kind to you or anything...i'm just stating my theory.
AWhig: don't get me wrong...I'd do you :-)
KELTIX: you're such a diplomat!!
AWhig: I read "The Prince" in high school
Score another one for Rich. I'm taking a latin dance class with some friends and afterwords we went to the Sunset Bar and Grill in Allston for some food. I'm surrounded by people drinking yards of beer and what did I have? Huh? Yup. Just water...I really wanted ice tea, but it wasn't brewed so I stuck with H20.

Rich 4 Alcohol 0

The class was cool. We practiced more merengue moves. A lot of spinning is involved, but we got this one move in particular that is quite nice. Then we worked on the Rhumba again, adding little moves here and there.

Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Okay. So I decided last Sunday to give up alcohol until at least April 28th. That's the day I'm going to run the James Joyce Ramble 10K. I want to lose some weight to go faster and I figure an easy way to do that is cut out the beer. So far the score is 3 for Rich, 0 for Alcohol. I went out Monday to TT's to see my friend Magee play an acoustic show with Tim Obitz. People around me drinking beer, I had none. I then went to a charity fundraiser thing Tuesday evening at Flashes, this bar and Denis and co. had a few beers, but yet, I had none. Afterwards, I met Rory at the Middle East to see Hayden play upstairs. Yet again, I had no drinks...Now for the tough part, Thursday through Saturday....

Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Denis and I have captured a new line we'll probably start using on friends. It was on the Andy Richter show. His friend Keith says something to him that was totally outlandish, and Andy believes him. Keith then leans over, touches Andy's right cheek gently and kisses him on the left cheek and says, "Don't ever lose that." Brilliant!
Well, last night I found out a friend has been dating someone for over a year now, and it's all been a secret. He works with her and they have to keep it all on the QT. Total relief. I was getting bummed cuz he was always blowing me off whenever I tried to meet up with him. I didn't know if he was down on me, or if he was depressed or something.

Monday, April 01, 2002

This past weekend I went up to Stowe, VT. where I met my friends Rory and Elaine for some spring riding. It was pretty nice. The sun was shining, BBQ in the air. The snow was really choppy and heavy, so we got tired fast, but it was definitely a good time.
Kind of weird. Last weekend my friend and I were walking down Mass. Ave. back to my car when we came across this guy convulsing on the lawn of some apartments. He clearly was having a seizure, so I went up to him and tried to talk to him, maybe to get him to snap out of it (I don't know much about seizures). Then I kind of tapped on the shoulder, to see if that would work. No go. He was shaking and his fists were clenched up and he was making these gurgly sounds. I was about to call the cops on my cell phone, but Ryan saw a cop parked across the street so he went over to him. We ended up hanging around a little bit and saw the 3 or 4 other cops who came to the scene after the first cop called them. It was quite exciting. Afterwords, I overheard the first cop say to the other guys that he was convulsing, but now is refusing medical attention. I could see the guy raise his arm up to the cops, but he was still on the ground in the same position I found him.