I jogged 7.5 miles yesterday, 64 minutes. 8:30 minute miles about.

Then went to dance class and went over the Rhumba again. There's not a whole bunch to it, so we were kind of bored. We then learned a very simple cha cha cha step. It was kind of funny, for some reason Malena couldn't get it. She was missing the back step on the last half of the step. The teacher came by while I was dancing with Diane and tried the step with Malena. Diane and I were watching and Malena wasn't quite getting it, and it was pretty funny. We kind of laughed out loud and Malena got a little pissed.... Then we started the Tango. We were suppose to go in a circle around the room, but I got distracted and went straight across the room and almost ran into another couple. Kind of funny. Then I got the hang of it and steered my partner (Malena) in a way to compensate for the movement to the side that happens with the steps. Can't wait to learn more of the Tango.

Then met Magee at Tir Na Nog to check out a band called Rusted Farm. Never been there though it's right down the street from me. Very nice bar. They have a lot of music there that's usually old-timey. Have to go back there again. Magee was there to give a "minor hero" of his, a CD of his band the Scrimshanders. His name is Maddux and he's the drummer of the band. The guys played with Nick Drake, Jethro Tull (the bad years), and Paul McCartney, and others...

Oh, So far, the score is now Rich 10 Alcohol 0. Haven't gone out as much this week....


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