Okay, so I've been working at this place for about a month a half. I've met most of the people who work around me and they're pretty cool. They are in the sales department, so they are always on the phone talking to potential clients, etc. I almost know the sales pitch by heart now...Anyway, one girl I'll call her "Jane", has a shaved head. I couldn't decide if she was a lesbian, or it was the result of something like chemotherapy.

So anyway, she's on the phone yesterday talking to a friend, and from the conversation I could tell her friend was diagnosed with cancer and was discussing it with her. At some point Jane mentions HER diagnosis and the therapy that she is doing. So she has cancer.

Later on in the day, Jeff, a co-worker who sits behind her was on the phone talking to his friend. At some point in the conversation he says, "I'll be there wearing the powder blue leisure suit...", and hangs up the phone. Jane, joking around with Jeff says, "Jeff, that image almost makes me want to change teams...". So, she's a lesbian.

A lesbian who's doing chemo. I didn't see that one coming...


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