Well, I went to NYC this past weekend to visit Robin and go to Henry's B-day dinner. We met Henry and co. at Tao a restaurant in NYC that was very nice. In attendacne we Marcie Uemura, Robin, Tommy, TJ and Stacey, Henry's brother Phil and his girlfriend, and some other friends of Henry. There's was a total scene going on at Tao and I felt like I was in a TV show when I left. A ton of NYC bettys in the bar...Actually, this place was a restaurant the girls visited on Sex in the City. In the center of the dining room is a 30 foot Buddha statue, surrounded by a little pond filled with goldfish. After dinner, (which consisted of some really good pan-asian food), we went to a Louis', a wine bar in alphabet city and hung out there for awhile. We then went to one last bar, where we had a couple of Chimay's before we retired for the night. The next day, Robin and I went for some Dim Sum at her favorite place on Long Island. We then watched "A Taxing Woman", a Japanese film on DVD she borrowed from the library and then I took off for Boston...

And by the way, the score is now Richard 10, Alcohol 1. I caved in finally. I was in NYC, partying it up with friends, so I couldn't bypass the drinks....


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