Haven't been up to much lately. Just been hanging out, try to prepare for the race this weekend. This past Friday, went to Magnolia near Inman square. They're kind of like yuppified Southern food. I had the BBQ chicken which quite good actually. We then went to see Human Nature at Kendall. It was a decent movie. Some funny moments...Then went to TOAD to hear some music. This crappy band was playing, lead violin, guy on cello, guitar and drums. I was not really into it. It kind of reminded me of bad Kronos Quartet stuff. It was making me very agitated, but then in walks Ashley and Carrie, the Canadians. We ended up hanging out the rest of the night...Good times.

Saturday night, had dinner at the Metro with the crew. The Metro is this French bistro that opened up several months ago in Porter Square. I've been wanting to go for awhile. I liked the atmosphere, low lighting. I had the Steak Frittes, which is good, but it's pretty pricey for what you get. Jay and Russ' sidecars sucked...I then went to see the Tarbox Ramblers at the Burren. As always, put on a good show.

Sunday afternoon, we bombed around downtown Boston after checking out a comic book convention. Russ was looking for the unaired Tick episode to put on his DVD he made. I've never been to a real comic book convention, but it pretty much had all the stereotypes you see on TV. A lot of guys where these Superhero shirts, bad complections, the guys with the weird stares. In the corner was an older gentleman and someone who looked like his wife. He had a display up with artwork and it seemed he was a cartoonist of some sort from probably a couple of decades ago. Nobody was paying much attention to him, which was kind of sad. There was a younger guy, doing the same thing, giving autographs and I had a moment where I wanted to go up to him and tell him he was just a "tracer", which was pretty funny in my mind, but he's probably heard it a million times...

Walked on Newbury, Boylston, popped into different stores. Took the bus back up to Harvard and cruised around there a bit before heading home.

Sunday night after the shows, I went ahead and cleaned up my CD mess I've been cultivating for the past several months. I really wanted to listen to my Beheaded CD by Bedhead which I couldn't find. The only way to find it would be put everything back on the shelves. Took me 2 hours to do it. Then I couldn't find my Richard Buckner CD, Since and I started freakin' out. I mean I looked everywhere. I went through all the CD cases on my secondary rack and did not find it. I went ahead and checked my backpack one last time and I found it. By this time it was 2 AM. I'm not really anal about many things, but I'm totally anal about CD's. About 3 years ago, I misplaced a Skatalites CD, 1 out of a 2 CD set. To this day I have not found it. I'm pretty sure it's in my primary CD rack somewhere, in a case where I doubled up the CDs when I had them in my car (which I always do and have a pretty good system for not misplacing them now). One of these days I'll find it, but I'm pretty sure I'll have to file through all of the cases looking for it...

As a kid I use to be totally into cleaning my room up, making my bed, putting all my paperclips in the little holder, etc., but around 8th grade I was like, fuck this, and stopped paying close attention to those sorts of things. My mom has always blamed my a friend of mine for corrupting me. About this time I started hanging out with him and his friends. At some point my mom, after getting exasperate with me not making my bed, pointed at him for putting those thoughts in my head...


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