I'm psyched. I think I watched every episode of Max Headroom when it on the air. I even had a Max Headroom sticker I put on my RC car toolbox. I was totally in love with Amanda Pays and her British accent. Then she got married to Corbin Bernsen...the dream was over...

Also from Slash and others, a story about a Transformer revival. A couple of years ago my friends and I toyed with the idea of a Transformer musical. A possible story line was about a young transformer who doesn't know what he turns into yet...He'd sing in this falsetto voice, voicing his adolescent worries, etc....

From Slashdot:

Everyone's favorite 80's construct, Max Headroom, has returned thanks to the people at TechTV. According to their website, they will be rebroadcasting all 14 episodes starting this Friday! This series was doing ethics themes based on designer babies, corporate controlled media, brain scanning and more before some of us were capable of hitting record on the old VCR. "

In a sequel of sorts to Monday's post on Max Headroom, the Associated Press (by way of CNN) is reporting on the revival of the Transformers. Perhaps the ultimate '80s TV cartoon experience, the Transformers were (and still are) also marketed as a seemingly endless collection of toys; robots that could transform into cars, trucks, planes, and almost anything else their designers imagined. Rhino Records has just released a 4-DVD boxed set of the show's first season, and Hasbro is considering a reissue of the original '80s toy line, something that Japan's Takara Toy Company has already done, with great success."


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