So Saturday I was feeling kind of crappy because I hadn't really worked out since last Monday. I get to the gym late and after lifting a bit, I decide to go jogging around Fresh Pond. I kind of decided earlier that I was going for a long jog and not go to dinner with friends at 6:30. So i'm jogging and finished my usual 2 times around and decided to go for a 3rd time around. Felt pretty good after 3 laps and then said what the hell, I'll do a fourth, I already missed dinner. And I did it! I've never done that before. A lap is about 2.5 miles so I did about 10 miles, which is kind of boggling to me. The most I've run is about 6 or 7 miles...I did take it easy though, about 9:30 minute miles. took me 92 minutes.....Afterwords I had a bite to eat to eat and I met everyone at Devon's Margarita party. Of course, I didn't have any tequila so the score now is:

Rich 8 Alcohol 0

Sunday I watched Training Day on DVD. I thought it was an awesome movie. Gotta love Denzel. I think I was drawn to grittiness of the street and how they portrayed it.

Then went jogging after messing around on my computer for a bit. Jogged about 7.5 miles this time. 68 minutes which is is about 9 minute miles...


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