AWhig: i also did 8 minute dating on Tuesday with Jody
AWhig: ABC's 20/20 was there. I might be on camera
BrunoPuntz: anything happen on 8 minute dating?
AWhig: i put down 2 woman for dating. my conversations weren't the best, but I thought they were cute...I had a good conversation with a girl, who was totally in to me, but I didn't find her attractive
AWhig: another girl, I was totally getting vibes from, but I wasn't in to her
AWhig: jody didn't like anybody...
BrunoPuntz: so, you'd rather be in contact with a hot chick you don't like or click with, rather than a may-not-be-as-hot chick you get along great with?
AWhig: yes. Because I know for a fact that I'm not attracted to the girl with the good conversation, but it's still uncertain that the bad conversation girl is not good...going on date can clear up that mystery
AWhig: i worked this out :-)
BrunoPuntz: what if the girl thinks she didnt click with you though, and you never get to go out with anybody?
AWhig: i'd prefer that.
AWhig: i don't want to waste time with someone I'm not attracted to
AWhig: make sense?
BrunoPuntz: ah, but has there ever been anybody that you grew more attracted to, past first impression?
AWhig: physically, no...if there is anything I find attractive when I first meet, that's always there...
AWhig: for me it usually goes the other way...
AWhig: they look hot, but as you get to know them, if they suck, they're not as attractive
BrunoPuntz: so, there has never been anyone that you suddenly looked at in a different light as you knew them for a long time?
AWhig: yes, they can look less attractive over time, due to their personality
AWhig: as I get to know them
BrunoPuntz: so there's never anyone ever who got more attractive?
AWhig: nope


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