Kind of weird. Last weekend my friend and I were walking down Mass. Ave. back to my car when we came across this guy convulsing on the lawn of some apartments. He clearly was having a seizure, so I went up to him and tried to talk to him, maybe to get him to snap out of it (I don't know much about seizures). Then I kind of tapped on the shoulder, to see if that would work. No go. He was shaking and his fists were clenched up and he was making these gurgly sounds. I was about to call the cops on my cell phone, but Ryan saw a cop parked across the street so he went over to him. We ended up hanging around a little bit and saw the 3 or 4 other cops who came to the scene after the first cop called them. It was quite exciting. Afterwords, I overheard the first cop say to the other guys that he was convulsing, but now is refusing medical attention. I could see the guy raise his arm up to the cops, but he was still on the ground in the same position I found him.


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