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I met my friend Ryan and his v-ball team at Border Cafe in Harvard Square, but instead of drinking margaritas like everyone else, I had 2 huge glasses of water...I only have to make it through Friday and Saturday to complete my first week of no alcohol...

Funny thing happened. (Names have been changed to protect the innocent...). I met this girl Sarah at the bar, who's a friend of Francesca, a girl on Ryan's v-ball team. They're both from Canada . Anyway, Francesca and Paul got in a fight over anal sex, so I ended up taking Sarah home. Sarah proceeded to relate an awesome story of how this guy totally screwed her over and how he tried to hide the facts after she found out that he had a girlfriend back in Oregon...

The way she told it, she moved to Los Angeles for a project and didn't know anyone (she works for a consulting company). This guy Craig was her mentor and they ended up spending a lot of time together. Eventually, a week before she was being transferred to Baltimore, she starts dating Craig .So after moving to Baltimore, a spot opens up on her team and Craig's project finishes up in LA. She recommends Craig for the opened position in Baltimore and he gets it so he ends up moving to Baltimore. Blah blah blah, they date for awhile, and get to the 6 month marker.

One weekend, Sarah asks Craig about his weekend plans, to see if he wants to hang out etc. He says he can't because he's going to Monterrey to hang out with friends. Later that day, she ends up working at his computer and happens to see a bunch of emails from someone named Rachel. She thought it was suspicious and opened up one of the emails. She reads one, and it talks about how Rachel is excited that Craig is coming to Oregon this weekend and that she thinks their relationship for the past year has been suffering, since he's been gone a lot. Then the rest of the email explains the reservations for their hotel,1 bedroom, check in time and all that. Sarah says she doesn't really know why she did it, she was a bit psycho at the time or something, but she didn't want to get caught reading his email so she forwarded a bunch of them to her email account. At this point, she's in total shock and pissed off. Craig walks into the office, and Sarah get's up and says she has to go and leaves early from work and goes home without any explanations.

She's still totally in shock, crying, etc. and calls her friend for support. Her friend tries to convince her that maybe she's jumping to conclusions, but Sarah opens the emails up on her computer that she forwarded and reads them to her friend. It's pretty clear that Craig has another girlfirend. A little later, Craig knocks on her door. He can tell Sarah is upset and starts asking what's wrong, is it work or something. He plays the total innocent. Sarah starts being sarcastic and says, yes it's work, not believing that Craig is trying to pull something on her. Craig then asks if she read his emails. She says yes, she read them. He asks what's wrong. She says, what do you mean what's wrong? He says nothing is going on, it's just a family friend, our families are meeting up in Oregon, etc. Sarah asks why he lied to her about the weekend and he says something about how they use to date and they are still good friends, but no one really knows they dated and he didn't want to say anything...

He asks again why she's upset and says she must of misread the email. Ssrah starts getting worked up over this and says "misread the email?!!!!"...Show me. Craig proceeds to open his email account and show her the email. Sarah starts reading it, and it's a completely different email. It says something abou how Tom and her can't wait to see Craig and here's the reservation information, 4 bedrooms, etc. etc. At this point Sarah gets weirded out. She double checks everything and for a split second thinks she made a mistake, but then realizes something is weird. She then tells Craig that this isn't the email. He insist that it is. Sarah again says no, this is not the email. He again insists that it is. Sarah then says, what if I told you, I sent copies of the emails to myself. Craig , thinking that she's bluffing, goes along and says, then you got a copy of this email. Sarah asks, "really?"...She then opens up her email account and shows Craig the "real" email.

Apparently Craig logged into Rachel's email account and sent an identical email, but changed certain information so that it looked harmless and had the information to support his story that he was meeting family friends. He then sent the email to himself, and tried to pass this off to Sarah. At this point, Craig starts crying and apologizing, and Sarah kicks him out....

Wait there's more....So Sarah and Craig broke up. Craig transfers to another project shortly thereafter, what's done is done. Sarah wants nothing to do with Craig and doesn't care at all what happens to him or his girlfriend. A few months alter, Sarah talks to her friend Jane who is a mutual friend of Craig. She tells her the whole story and how she was so humiliated and upset and all that. Jane comes back to Sarah, saying how Craig said to her, "well Sarah and I weren't really dating". This infuriates Sarah and she decides to blow the whistle on Craig. She sends an email to Rachel, introducing herself, explaining that she and Craig dated, giving her the exact dates, gives her contact info and says if she wants any more info, please call her. Sarah sends this thinking Rachel won't believe any of it. Who would believe a random email coming from a total stranger? A few hours later she gets a call from Rachel, saying thank you for sending the email and sounding very upset. Sarah learns that this wasn't the first time Craig had done this and that he had a history of infidelity...

So there you have it. This to me sounds like something out of movie. You can't write stuff better than this.

Oh, In the end, Sarah and Rachel became friends.


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