Man. My sister just got back from London this past weekend and I haven't had a chance to talk to her yet. I spoke with my mom last night and she mentioned Jen has a new job...Anyway, I wanted to know what was up, so I pinged my sister's friend Anne for some info...Here's what transpired...

AWhig: yo
Anne Montone: hey
AWhig: do you know what my sister's new job is?
Anne Montone: receptionist at a trailer company
AWhig: really?
AWhig: is it a temp thing or fulltime?
Anne Montone: full time!
Anne Montone: and i think she can really move up in the company if she works hard
Anne Montone: they know she wants to i think she might get some great training
Anne Montone: she's at the universal lot
AWhig: oh "trailer" company
AWhig: i'm thinking trucks, tractor/trailers
AWhig: :-)
Anne Montone: hahahahahahhahahahahaha
AWhig: I was like, whaaaaaatt?
Anne Montone: hahahahahaha
Anne Montone: i'm crackin' up
AWhig: I was worried for a second...
Anne Montone: oh man
AWhig: I'm thinking, dirty men, country music, corn nuts and coke, laying around
Anne Montone: poor jennifer
Anne Montone: we would all be worried i think
Anne Montone: but then again, maybe it would be like bakersfield
Anne Montone: ;-)


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