Funny conversation with my friend Snatch....

KELTIX: i just got back from dallas last night
KELTIX: was there for 4 days
AWhig: what were you doing there?
KELTIX: visiting a friend and also trying to find investors
AWhig: investors?
KELTIX: its a long story but i'm trying to help this company get funded
AWhig: ah
AWhig: how much?
KELTIX: i actually found someone who was interested
KELTIX: only 500K
AWhig: what does the company do?
KELTIX: you know those texans, anything not in the millions is small
AWhig: yeah...have you seen the movie Giant?
KELTIX: its XXX, the company joy and i worked for
AWhig: oh
KELTIX: i went to these people's houses, i mean, who needs all that room???
AWhig: it's all about status
KELTIX: it was really crazy, they have 2 or 3 houses just to park their cars
KELTIX: yeah i know, they're all nouveau riche
KELTIX: my friend tina lives there, she just got married last year
KELTIX: she's been sick of her marriage already and is always fighting with her husband, so one night when we were having dinner alone, she forgot to turn off her phone after she talked to him and he heard us bitch about him for a half an hour
KELTIX: they got into a huge fight - i was so scared!!
AWhig: oh my god
AWhig: that shit only happens in the movies
KELTIX: we thought he was just threatning us but he repeated back everything we were saying
AWhig: holy fuck
KELTIX: thank god i was defending him
AWhig: :-)
AWhig: do you know him?
AWhig: who was the chick who was a host for MTV in Taiwan or Hong Kong or somethign?
KELTIX: yeah, she was doing tv stuff in taiwan
AWhig: I think Ryan said she was hot
KELTIX: yeah, well, she's one of those girls all guys think is hot
AWhig: ah
AWhig: I hate them
KELTIX: i've known him since she met him 11 years ago, in college
KELTIX: i have a lot of really hot friends, i'm just really confident
AWhig: well, my theory is that hot chicks tend to hang out together
AWhig: my friend jay says a hot chick usually hangs out with "not as hot" chicks
AWhig: he calls them "helpers"
KELTIX: aww, that's so sweet of you, i thought i'm the dog meat friend all the hot chicks have
AWhig: this is all based on empirical evidence. friendship is not involved here :-):-(
AWhig: :-)
KELTIX: so what are you saying? you're not judging, that you have proof that i'm 'not so hot'?
AWhig: i'm not trying to be kind to you or anything...i'm just stating my theory.
AWhig: don't get me wrong...I'd do you :-)
KELTIX: you're such a diplomat!!
AWhig: I read "The Prince" in high school


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