I wanted to talk about the Real World (Las Vegas), but was too lazy to write anything again, so I'm posting an IM I had with maya about it...

AWhig (9:35:00 AM): are you still watching real world?
mayabazar (9:35:17 AM): we've fallen behind. I think we are three or four episodes behind
AWhig (9:35:25 AM): oh.
mayabazar (9:35:28 AM): hopefully there will be a marathon or soemthing this weekend,so we can catch up
AWhig (9:35:31 AM): i watched last nights
mayabazar (9:35:40 AM): any good?
AWhig (9:35:54 AM): these people...man. they are the real world producer's dream cast
mayabazar (9:36:02 AM): :-)
AWhig (9:36:13 AM): they have every social issue going on
AWhig (9:36:33 AM): can I tell you?
mayabazar (9:36:42 AM): sure
AWhig (9:37:06 AM): ok. i can't decide who's better, but I'm leaning towards trishelle
AWhig (9:37:12 AM): 1. experiments with lesbianism
mayabazar (9:37:20 AM): she is so hideous
AWhig (9:37:23 AM): 2. enter sex relationship with roomate steve
AWhig (9:37:29 AM): 3. possibly has bulimina
mayabazar (9:37:32 AM): nice
AWhig (9:37:33 AM): bulimia
AWhig (9:37:59 AM): 4. has been having unprotected sex with steve. and is late on her period.
mayabazar (9:38:07 AM): wow
AWhig (9:38:13 AM): she hasn't used birth control
mayabazar (9:38:24 AM): I'll definitely be taping this weekend
AWhig (9:38:31 AM): she's like every after school special wrapped into one person
mayabazar (9:38:37 AM): yup
AWhig (9:38:53 AM): the late period thing is near the end. my tivo stopped taping...
AWhig (9:38:57 AM): the alton
AWhig (9:39:02 AM): 1. broke up with girlfriend
AWhig (9:39:20 AM): 2. builds relationsihp with roommate
AWhig (9:39:37 AM): 3. has to rebuff roommate who comes on to him, the night before her boyfriend comes to visit her.
AWhig (9:40:06 AM): 4. reveals that his little brother was abducted and murdered when he was younger and his working with his mother to get the death penalty for the murderer
AWhig (9:40:51 AM): 5. is homophobic, and doesn't have any experience with gay people. steve's friend is gay and comes to visit. during this time, alton reveals when he was young, he was attacked by an old man who attempted to rape him.
mayabazar (9:41:42 AM): oh man
AWhig (9:41:47 AM): 6. while hanging out at the night club, (while steve's gay friend was visiting), some random stranger grabs alton's unit. alton wants to beat the shit out of him, but instead talks to him, and tells the guy he was being disrespectful
AWhig (9:42:04 AM): this is TOO GOOD
mayabazar (9:42:49 AM): :-)
AWhig (9:43:14 AM): oh. alton revealed the rape thing to Brynn when she wanted to now why he was so homophobic...her dad is gay.
AWhig (9:45:04 AM): after I wrote this, I think alton is a better cast member, story-wise. his stories are more hard-hitting.


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