Back in the day, I was a huge Smiths fan. I remember having next to my bed my Smiths stack of cds, next to the Cure stack, which was next to the Police stack...

I found a little music rag out of singapore and they had this quote from Morrissey. Serious topic, funny ending...

For fans of the Smiths: Meat Is Murder, released in February 1985, was The Smiths' third album. Brilliantly successful, the album occupied the number one position of the UK mainstream charts for 33 weeks, and the number one position of the UK's alternative charts for an unprecedented 64 weeks. Frontman Morrissey, when asked if there was a link between home violence and institutionalized violence like the meat industry and war, said: "It's completely connected. It all weaves in and it's all kind of embroidered to make one overall foul image. From the time that you get hit when you're a child, as covered in a song called Barbarism Begins At Home, violence is the only answer. Conversation is pointless. And it continues through school. Certainly if you go to a working class school...I think as long as human beings are so violent towards animals there will be war. It might sound absurd, but if you really think about the situation it all makes sense. Where there's this absolute lack of sensitivity where life is concerned, there will always be war. And, of course, there will always be war as long as there are people willing to fight wars in armies. Which is quite another matter, which I must cover one day on a B-side."


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