MarcieAroy: Hey, I just read the coolest line from GQ, the equivalent of the now popular dismissive, "Whatever!" This writer wrote, "Such is it always with the cognoscenti."
AWhig: ha
AWhig: in order for that to work, you must consider yourself, not part of the cognoscenti
AWhig: hey, I had a weird dream two nights ago...
AWhig: probably the weirdest, totally laden with hidden messages dream I've ever had
AWhig: can you analysis it?
MarcieAroy: give it to me, baby.
AWhig: can you read it at:
MarcieAroy: oh, shit. what a vivid dream!
MarcieAroy: Well, in my estimation...
MarcieAroy: I suppose you could say that you have a fear of leasing your deeper emotions, particularly to women, and that if you are caught, what they would find would be freakish...
MarcieAroy: and you would be banished to be with the other freak monkeys.
AWhig: :-)
AWhig: ha
MarcieAroy: That being "found out" would be the worst thing that could happen because you would then be bound and labeled as "weirdo."
AWhig: i usually am already labelled that
MarcieAroy: But you are attempting to open yourself up to this exposure, hence your foray walking with no clothes on.
AWhig: interesting, go on....
AWhig: :-)
MarcieAroy: it's kind of an anxiety dream showing your change emotionally, maybe you're willing to take more emotional risks than you have in the past.
MarcieAroy: And you're subconscious is realizing this and warning you of your conscious change.
AWhig: very insightful
AWhig: I'll take this into consideration
AWhig: :-)
MarcieAroy: that'll be five bucks.
AWhig: are you like lucy, at the psychotherapy stand?
MarcieAroy: that's exactly what I was thinking about.
MarcieAroy: Hey, somebody has got to help me pay for this otherwise useless psychology degree.


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