Okay, I'm not one to remember many dreams but last night was a total doozy. I'm hanging out with my friend Pierson and his girlfriend and decide to leave their apartment. I realize I'm just wearing underwear as I walk out the door. Instead of making a left to go straight to the parking lot, I make a right thinking I'll take a walk around the block on my way to the car. As I go around the block, the street doesn't quite go back to the parking lot and I wander into someone's house by accident. I'm wandering around the house when two women see me. They seem like they're hanging out watching tv with a glasses of wine. I apologize profusely and kind of back away, saying I'll let myself out. Of course I can't find my way out and end up in this room that is full of yellow monkeys. I'm totally tripping out at the sight and as I turn to leave the room, something pulls at my neck and somehow a collar has been put around me and it's tied down to something and I can't leave.

Then I woke up.



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