Hey, I'm back. Long time no see. How's it goin'? Are you flowin'?

Got lots of stuff to write, but I'm kind of beat. Since I last wrote, I went to Italy for a little family vacation, then spent one awesome night in Dublin, then flew to Vegas for a little 3 day fest with friends. My father then wanted me to help him with some computer matters at his office, so he flew me into LA and I spent a few days in Bakersfield, doing a little work and hanging out with friends. I got my 3rd game of golf in while I was there and shot an amazing 135 ;)

I just wanted to post our times from today's AIDS Run. It was a 5K. Jay asked me to go run with him, though I wasn't really planning to, and I didn't raise any money, but went as a show of solidarity.

===== =================== ===== ======== ===== ================== == ======= =====
163 JAY BREWER 803 35/82 M3039 CAMBRIDGE MA 24:12 7:48
181 RICHARD COOK 849 64/108 M2029 SOMERVILLE MA 24:45 7:58

Not too shabby.

I think I could have done better and here are the reasons why:

1) I went on vacation for the past 3 weeks and didn't workout.
2) I ate everything that was put in front of me while I was on this vacation in Italy, Las Vegas and Bakersfield.
3) I ate Mexican food for almost every meal while I was in Bakersfield.
4) The night before the race I stayed up playing Halo on the X-Box with Ryan and had 3 beers.
5) I had 3 hours of sleep before the race.

A few of us were going to run the James Joyce Ramble (a 10K) a month ago, but ended up not following through. Jay's promised to run a 10K with me this year, which I think I'd do better. Of course, I've never run a 10K race before...

Afterwards, we went walking around downtown and helped Maya look for a dress of some sort. Interesting story....While we were in Ann Taylor, the employees there asked us to leave since they were closing the store due to a BOMB THREAT. We left the story and promptly exited the Copley Mall. While we were leaving, we were looking around to see if anyone else was leaving, but it didn't really look like there was any unusual activity going on, so we were kind of confused as to what was going on. As we were walking out the door, we saw a sign which said, "This facility has had a bomb threat called in. The matter is being investigated and the mall is still open." The unusual part was that this wasn't some sign hand scrawled on a piece of cardboard in a haphazard way. It was like a stock sign that had printed up awhile ago, type of sign. That was kind of disturbing because I have never really been in that kind of situation before...Weird...Good news though. We went to Lord and Taylor next door and then had lunch by the church in Copley Plaza and never heard a bomb go off. I guess it was a hoax...


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