I belong to a email list about Richard Buckner. This whole week has been filled with opinions about selling out, etc. because a Jay Farrar tuned showed up in a VW commercial. Anyway, another topic has been favorite RB stories. This one made me laugh...

From: "Neil A Gray"
Seriously though, I was reminded a little while back of my first
buckner show (someone mentioned what i think was the same story). I
believe the venue was called little brother's, in columbus (drove down
from cleveland). anyway, as was mentioned, some woman's cell phone
off twice (i can't remember which song, but it was something quiet off
the hill - maybe emily sparks?). it was really a horrible moment; she
was right up front too. I believe his exact words were "what the
fuck?!?". his exclamation was about ten times louder than the music
been, leaving a gaping silence afterwards. She sort of
"i thought i turned it off" and ran out the back.
While I do feel bad for her (I know I'd be traumatized if buckner
cursed me out), i have to say i can't blame him. between her, and
bleeding through from the other stage, he'd taken enough shit for one
night. plus it was just kind of cool: he was sporting the beard/long
hair/mountain man look, and was downright intimidating.


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