So I had a long week. It all started last Sunday when I slept for about 3 hours and then woke up early to run the AIDS run. I didn't manage to catch up on my sleep until this Saturday when I took a long nap. Between work, and then going to a couple of interviews and then going to Northampton on Thursday night to see Richard Buckner in concert, I barely got any sleep.

That night, I left Northampton at 1:30 am. I drove for about a half hour before I decided to stop at a rest stop on the turnpike and take a nap. I was going to do a power nap, but after my alarm went off, I kept sleeping. I ended up sleeping for an hour between 2 and 3 am. Then I got back on the road. I ended up getting home around 4:30 am. The whole time I was pretty much freaked out. I was very tired, and there were no cars on the road, so I couldn't tell how fast I was going unless I looked down at the speedometer. Every time I looked though, I had a hard time switching context from the speedometer to the road, my eyes started playing tricks on me.

It was kind of strange, because before the concert, I went to see Insomnia at the theatre across the street from the club, and Al Pacino's character in the movie suffers of insomnia (for various reasons, I won't spoil the film). By day 3, his eyes start playing tricks on him, and he starts getting flashes of past occurrences, etc. That's all I kept thinking about when I was driving, blasting the music away. I don't really recommend driving in that condition, but I had to get home...


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