A story full of mystery, intrigue and weirdness from Maya....

mayabazar (12:44:20 PM): yo
AWhig (12:44:32 PM): yo
mayabazar (12:44:56 PM): Listen to this
AWhig (12:45:08 PM): okay
mayabazar (12:45:32 PM): We were negotiating a mousepad deal with this company

When we called and asked for samples, the guy wanted us to pay for the shipping costs but we said no and he agreed to ship it to us anyway.
mayabazar (12:45:41 PM): No other company requires people to pay for shipping
mayabazar (12:46:04 PM): So we went back and forth a few times and eventually decided to go with a different company

He offered to lower his price to below that company, but we felt the quality of the sample seemed better with the other company
mayabazar (12:46:16 PM): So I sent him an email telling him we were going with someone else
mayabazar (12:46:27 PM): Well, he sent me two emails this morning. One said:
I feel abused. I take these things personally.
mayabazar (12:46:39 PM): The other said he wanted us to pay for the shipping costs.
mayabazar (12:46:51 PM): The guy is totally insane
AWhig (12:46:58 PM): wow
AWhig (12:47:06 PM): did you ever talk to him on the phone?
mayabazar (12:47:08 PM): So I forwarded an email to my boss saying "ummm . . . this guy is insane"
mayabazar (12:47:17 PM): Only I hit the reply button instead of forwarding
mayabazar (12:47:23 PM): first time I've ever done that
AWhig (12:47:26 PM): oh fuck
AWhig (12:47:33 PM): aha
mayabazar (12:47:35 PM): First he wrote me back telling me:
I treated you more than fairly. You requested free samples and shipping with
an indication you would buy from us.
I then offered better prices and a quality product.
You were misleading.
mayabazar (12:48:01 PM): Then he wrote again saying: "Stick it where the sun don't sun..."
AWhig (12:48:12 PM): sun don't sun?
mayabazar (12:48:19 PM): Sun don't shine
AWhig (12:48:30 PM): ah. didn't know if he didn't know what he was saying, or it was typo
mayabazar (12:48:34 PM): actually it was sun don't sun
mayabazar (12:48:39 PM): I copied that from his email
mayabazar (12:48:41 PM): too funny
AWhig (12:48:47 PM): oh man. where is he located?
mayabazar (12:48:59 PM): somewhere far away I hope
AWhig (12:49:04 PM): that's what I'm thinking
mayabazar (12:49:21 PM): 707 area code, whereever that is
AWhig (12:50:58 PM): california
mayabazar (12:51:16 PM): good.
AWhig (12:51:38 PM): probably some fruity northern californian :-)
mayabazar (12:51:45 PM): :-)
AWhig (12:52:27 PM): there's some drama for ya


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