Funny convo...

AWhig (4:34:15 PM): hey, what's your last name?
AWhig (4:34:18 PM): chen?
AWhig (4:34:38 PM): scratch that
Shanting (4:34:42 PM): chen craig
Shanting (4:34:45 PM): Tina Craig
Shanting (4:34:50 PM): i kept chen as my middle name
Shanting (4:34:56 PM): scratch what
AWhig (4:35:06 PM): i guessed chen, but then thought that was ginny's
Shanting (4:35:20 PM): hehe, what, u think all chinese people are named chen? just kidding
AWhig (4:35:28 PM): what is her last name?
Shanting (4:35:36 PM): who
AWhig (4:35:41 PM): ginny?
Shanting (4:35:46 PM): chen
AWhig (4:35:52 PM): oh man
Shanting (4:35:54 PM): 8-)


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