KELTIX (5:51:09 PM): oh, you know my cousin, the one who lives next to the house you pointed out?
KELTIX (5:51:24 PM): i have to see that one, do you have it?
AWhig (5:51:35 PM): then apparently cartman's j lo "kissed" ben down there
AWhig (5:51:36 PM): :-)
AWhig (5:51:44 PM): i think I do, on my tivo...
AWhig (5:51:52 PM): i'll keep it if I have it
KELTIX (5:51:58 PM): anyways, that cousin of mine is an LAPD, he pulled over j lo and ben last week
AWhig (5:52:09 PM): for what?
KELTIX (5:52:15 PM): illegal left turn
AWhig (5:52:48 PM): did they get a ticket?
KELTIX (5:53:03 PM): and ben told him he was being harrassed by papparazzi, who were taking pictures of the whole being pulled over thing, and so he let them go and stopped the papparazzi until they could get away
KELTIX (5:53:26 PM): ron is super nice, can't believe he's a cop
AWhig (5:54:04 PM): funny
AWhig (5:54:08 PM): so they didn't get a tix?
KELTIX (5:54:13 PM): nope
AWhig (5:54:25 PM): fuckin' celebrities...what don't they get away with..??:-)


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