Funny convo...Somewhat, and a little educational...

AWhig (10:38:03 AM): how's your shit going?
hankhsia (10:38:17 AM): ok, just peddling bleach
AWhig (10:38:19 AM): what brand do you work with?
AWhig (10:38:23 AM): clorox?
hankhsia (10:38:33 AM): yup
AWhig (10:38:55 AM): the people who worked as william morrison got free you get free bleach?
hankhsia (10:41:55 AM): yup. we get coupons for free bleach
hankhsia (10:42:21 AM): you want some. according to our market research hispanic consumers use proportionally more bleach
AWhig (10:42:29 AM): why is that?
hankhsia (10:42:31 AM): so, you probably do to :-D
AWhig (10:42:36 AM): to clean the floors, etc.?
hankhsia (10:42:48 AM): big families. disinfecting is huge in latin america. bleach is cheap
hankhsia (10:42:59 AM): clean everything - toilets, tubs, sinks, floors
AWhig (10:42:59 AM): ah
AWhig (10:43:15 AM): so instead of getting different cleaners for different things, they just use bleach?
AWhig (10:43:17 AM): diluted?
hankhsia (10:43:22 AM): yup
hankhsia (10:43:26 AM): yup
hankhsia (10:44:06 AM): tilex, liquid plumr, toilet bowl cleaner are all just bleack
AWhig (10:45:40 AM): what a scam
AWhig (10:45:53 AM): what about windex? windex has got to be legit? :-)
AWhig (10:46:06 AM): all that non-streaking stuff :-)
hankhsia (10:46:10 AM): yeah, other chemicals
hankhsia (10:46:27 AM): scam? we call it marketing


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