Funny Story

Shanting (10:41:28 AM): i love practical jokes
Shanting (10:41:35 AM): i pulled the ultimate last summer
AWhig (10:41:37 AM): what's the last one you pulled?
Shanting (10:41:44 AM): have you heard of tony and tina's wedding?
AWhig (10:41:50 AM): yeah
Shanting (10:41:57 AM): i told my 13 year old stepson and his best friend we were going to my friend tony's wedding
AWhig (10:42:06 AM): ha
Shanting (10:42:07 AM): so you know, in the show, they all act like they know you
Shanting (10:42:33 AM): so, i finally let my stepson know because tony was saying how we shouldn't have had that weekend together last month so close to his wedding, yada yada
Shanting (10:42:43 AM): but his friend kelly
Shanting (10:42:46 AM): he was clueless
Shanting (10:42:51 AM): his eyes were big as saucers
Shanting (10:43:08 AM): one bridesmaid walked donw the aisle pregnant
Shanting (10:43:18 AM): another on top of a groomsman and they were making out
Shanting (10:43:23 AM): the priest tried to give him beer
Shanting (10:43:39 AM): i kept apologizing for my friends and begged him not to tell his parents
AWhig (10:43:43 AM): ha
Shanting (10:43:50 AM): he was like, "no problem, this is the best wedding i've ever been to"
AWhig (10:43:54 AM): ha
AWhig (10:44:02 AM): when did he find out it wasn't real?
Shanting (10:44:07 AM): he said, ' i think the father of the bride's girlfriend is a stripper'
Shanting (10:44:10 AM): and i said, why
Shanting (10:44:22 AM): and he said, she offered to give me a lap dance in the back
Shanting (10:44:35 AM): well, we didn't tell him in the show
AWhig (10:44:41 AM): ha
Shanting (10:44:43 AM): at the end, the "cousin" got in a fight with the groom
Shanting (10:44:47 AM): and they took him outside
Shanting (10:44:49 AM): he never came back
Shanting (10:44:58 AM): kelly was convinced he was murdered!
Shanting (10:45:09 AM): kelly kepts saying, "tina, i think tony had michael killed"
AWhig (10:45:15 AM): :-)
Shanting (10:45:16 AM): you know 13 year olds, so imaginative
Shanting (10:45:26 AM): so dennis and i were rolling but we kept it up
Shanting (10:45:31 AM): finally, in the limo, on the way home
Shanting (10:45:43 AM): when he kept going on and on and seemed really disturbed about the murder
Shanting (10:45:46 AM): we told him
Shanting (10:45:48 AM): heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Shanting (10:45:57 AM): it was so funny, i thought he was gonna kill us
Shanting (10:46:05 AM): so, the next day, (we were in vegas on vacation)
Shanting (10:46:11 AM): i took them to that ride, the super high one
Shanting (10:46:21 AM): he told his dad he was scared and didn't want to do it
Shanting (10:46:48 AM): and his dad said, "don't come home and call yourself an O'neill if you don't do it. you're not irish and you're not my son if you're such a wuss"
Shanting (10:46:59 AM): so i took him and said, 'lets get your dad'
Shanting (10:47:23 AM): before he even went on the ride, you know the one i'm talking about right? they shoot you up and drop you down, way high above the city
Shanting (10:47:30 AM): anway, we called his dad and i started crying
Shanting (10:47:44 AM): and told him i was so sorry and i couldnt talk cause i started laughing
AWhig (10:47:45 AM): ha
Shanting (10:47:47 AM): so dennis got on
Shanting (10:48:03 AM): and was like, "mr. o'neill, kelly's hurt, we think he's okay but he in the ambulance now"
AWhig (10:48:51 AM): nice
Shanting (10:48:51 AM): i got back on the phone and i told him, 'kelly hit his head on the side of the ride. we don't know what his stat is until we go to the hospital but he's unconcious. the last thing he said was, i'm a fighting irish and i'm not a wimp. tell my dad"
Shanting (10:49:00 AM): so then, steve o'neill started crying
Shanting (10:49:05 AM): i was like, "oh shit"
AWhig (10:49:11 AM): lol
Shanting (10:49:16 AM): see, i called his wife first and asked her if i could do it
Shanting (10:49:26 AM): and she was all for it, he is a huge practical joker and gets her all the time
Shanting (10:49:45 AM): so then kelly got on the phone and when he heard his dad crying, he started crying
Shanting (10:50:15 AM): my husband didn't think it was funny, but i thought he should be punished for forcing a little kid on that scary ride. dennis wouldn't go on it, i didn't force him
Shanting (10:50:21 AM): kelly went on by himself
Shanting (10:50:26 AM): so now, the o'neill boys are after me
Shanting (10:50:40 AM): they said they are waiting for the perfect moment when my guard is down, hehe
Shanting (10:50:46 AM): i'm kind of scared, steve is good
Shanting (10:52:48 AM): we were not going to tell him til the end of the summer
Shanting (10:52:54 AM): but he was so freaked out over the "murder"
AWhig (10:53:42 AM): i'd say, it's too easy to get a 13 year old, but it is pretty funny
AWhig (10:53:45 AM): :-)
Shanting (10:54:01 AM): hehe, i took pictures of him dancing all night with the priest, the stripper, the bride. the priest was so funny, he would pet dennis and kelly's heads and offer them cocktails
Shanting (10:54:16 AM): yes, it is totally easy to get 13 year olds but they're getting good and its getting harder


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