Finding out where more people are going? hehehe...

AWhig (4:48:34 PM): take this test
AWhig (4:48:41 PM): see what level of hell you'll go to :-)
augustodevegili (4:49:26 PM): I haven't finished Dante's Inferno... it's in my huge list of "books to read".
augustodevegili (4:56:06 PM): ahahahah
augustodevegili (4:56:11 PM): Ninth Level of Hell - Cocytus
augustodevegili (4:56:13 PM): hahahahaah
AWhig (4:56:27 PM): i only made it to the 6th
AWhig (4:56:52 PM): i had some friends who only made it to the 2nd
augustodevegili (4:56:58 PM): O__o
augustodevegili (4:57:45 PM): Actually, I've got two very religious friends which might stay at the Purgatory.
augustodevegili (4:58:13 PM): Both of them have never had sex 'cause the'yre not married yet.
augustodevegili (5:20:53 PM): Hey... just convinced one of my religious friends to take that test... he was reluctant at first... in some minutes we shall see his result
AWhig (5:22:29 PM): nice
AWhig (5:22:35 PM): some people get upset
augustodevegili (5:33:05 PM): (18:32:00) fabiobg: Bosta de resultado.
(18:32:02) fabiobg: Your fate has been decided....
You are one of the lucky ones! Because of your virtue and beliefs, you have escaped eternal punishment. You are sent to Purgatory!
(18:32:10) fabiobg: Nao existe Purgatorio!
augustodevegili (5:33:18 PM): That's him.
AWhig (5:34:05 PM): he doesn't believe purgatory exists?
augustodevegili (5:34:10 PM): Yep.
augustodevegili (5:34:23 PM): (18:32:47) fabiobg: E é o n?vel m?ximo. Ninguém vai pro céu direto, segundo eles?
AWhig (5:35:18 PM): ?
AWhig (5:35:27 PM): no one, something 2nd level?
augustodevegili (5:35:57 PM): He said the Purgatory is the top level according to the test. And he asked if, according to them, nobody goes straight to Heaven...
AWhig (5:36:29 PM): yeah, a flaw, but
AWhig (5:36:41 PM): who here is sinless? except for Jesus? :-)
augustodevegili (5:37:16 PM): He told me that those who have sinned and have repented are cleaned by the blood of Christ and go to Heaven.
augustodevegili (5:38:33 PM): Anyway... you've just known of someone who's almost pure. ;-)


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