Study: Sleep Position Says A Lot About Personality

I think I changed my sleeping position sometime in high school. I have to figure out what that means now....

Wed Sep 17,11:33 AM ET

Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service in Great Britain, said recently six common sleep positions reveal a lot about the people who sleep in those positions.

Those who sleep in the fetal position, which was favored by more than half in the study, tend to be shy and sensitive.

Sleepers who preferred to sleep in the soldier position -- flat on their back with arms at their sides, are quiet and reserved.

Idzikowski said that those who drift off on their sides with legs outstretched and arms down are easy-going and very sociable. If the arms are outstretched, in what is called the yearner position, the person tends to be more skeptical or suspicious.

You tend to be brash and gregarious if you sleep on the freefall position -- flat on your stomach with your hands at the side of your head.

Finally, those who sleep in the starfish position have an unassuming personality and are usually good listeners, according to the study.

Idzikowski identified the positions by comparing personality traits of people, their preferred way of sleeping and the most common positions.


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