Welcome to Colossal Colon Tour 2003. Home of the COLOSSAL COLON!!!!!!

I stumbled upon the Colossal Colon Tour at lunch today. I think I remember reading a blurb about it a few weeks ago in a paper. It's an exhibit that raises awareness of diseases of the colon.

Visitors who crawl through the Colossal Colon will see examples of many colon diseases, including Chrohn's disease, diverticulosis, ulcerative colitis, hemorrhoids, cancerous and non-cancerous polyps, and various stages of colon cancer.

Now, I could get some edumecation, but I'm really just there to see the COLOSSAL COLON!!!!!! How can I pass up something like that, I ask you?

The exhibit at Copley Square...I think the COLOSSAL COLON has to be in there somewhere.

The nice girl gives me my intro packet to the tour which contained a Colossal Colon Tour Passport. What is this? Do I need papers to get a glimpse of the COLOSSAL COLON?

I nice overview of the digestive system. See the flashing light at the colon? Pretty important area there...But still no COLOSSAL COLON!!!! They drive a hard bargain here. Trying to get me to learn stuff....I wanna see The Colon.

At last...The Colossal Colon everyone's been talking about. Oh the grandeur. Many a gerbil could fit in that colon...

A nice view of some nasty Colossal Ulcers, in the Colossal Colon...Poor Colossal Colon...They inflicted it with all these diseases to educate people like me. It truly is a martyr to the cause....

I had to go back to work, so I didn't actually get too educated on colon matters. And they are serious matters, mind you. There were several volunteers there who were willing to explain the colon to you if you were interested, but I was just there for the Colossal Colon....I know....I am a shallow man.

More info at www.ColossalColon.com


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