Kerry the Pres? Dean done?

My friend Ben is a photographer covering the Clark Campaign. Below are his predictions for this years elections...

ben (11:25:13 AM): bacon is for the hedonist, eh?
AWhig (11:25:23 AM): oh yeah
ben (11:25:30 AM): nice
AWhig (11:25:37 AM): i didn't know such bacon tastings existed
AWhig (11:25:42 AM): may have to set one up :-)
ben (11:25:49 AM): sweet
ben (11:25:51 AM): count me in
AWhig (11:25:52 AM): how's Clark? I think he's down in the polls
ben (11:26:00 AM): steady in 3rd
ben (11:26:06 AM): Dean will drop
ben (11:26:13 AM): Wes will finish 2nd
AWhig (11:26:16 AM): yeah. he's taking a beating
AWhig (11:26:19 AM): kerry then?
ben (11:26:23 AM): yup
AWhig (11:26:26 AM): edwards?
ben (11:26:35 AM): sitting in Wes' hotell right now
ben (11:26:40 AM): 4th
ben (11:26:43 AM): 3rd
ben (11:26:50 AM): no 4th'
ben (11:26:55 AM): hes @ 9%
AWhig (11:27:11 AM): i'll let people know you're calling it now :-)
AWhig (11:27:18 AM): been watching the daily show
ben (11:27:20 AM): heh-heh
AWhig (11:27:32 AM): the clip from dean's rally after Iowa, was hilarious, the little yelp he did
ben (11:27:33 AM): Ive been working well after midnite
ben (11:27:40 AM): YEEeeeeeeaaaaaa
ben (11:27:43 AM): hilarious


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