Matrix and Brain drumline show

Conversation with my cousin...She's in high school in Florida...She told me not to watch that movie Drumline, because it's gives Drumline a bad name...

AWhig (9:39:46 AM): anything new?
cousin (9:40:03 AM): ahhh finals this week
cousin (9:40:10 AM): and drumline got their new show for this season
cousin (9:40:20 AM): its cool, its us without the band, and its based on the Matrix
AWhig (9:40:53 AM): ha
AWhig (9:46:36 AM): what have past shows been based on?
cousin (9:48:22 AM): well the ones all together with the band were
cousin (9:48:35 AM): a perfect storm (not the movie)
cousin (9:48:45 AM): and The Brain. which actually came out cool
AWhig (9:49:13 AM): The Brain?
cousin (9:49:30 AM): it was about the right side and the left side
AWhig (9:49:35 AM): ha
AWhig (9:49:41 AM): who thinks these up?
cousin (9:50:02 AM): so the band was spilt up and one side was all active and like whoo and the other side was logical, alot of straight lines, then we came together
cousin (9:50:11 AM): our colorguard instructor
cousin (9:50:56 AM): he is flaming and bitchy but pretty good at making shows
AWhig (9:52:43 AM): ha
AWhig (9:52:45 AM): too funny
cousin (9:53:18 AM): lol. it kind of pays of
cousin (9:53:26 AM): we have the 3rd best guard in the world


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