Basketball on the PS2

I bought a a PlayStation2 several years ago to be my DVD player and a game console. I only have a few games, and I hardly play it, (I'm still on the 3rd mission in Grand Theft Auto III if that is any indication), but every once in awhile, I'll play some games.

My wife, for x-mas got me NHL Hockey 2004, but she doesn't like to play it much cuz I kick her ass. Kelly's a huge Lakers fan, so a month ago, I got NBA Live 2004, so we could all play, and Kelly would be interested. I had to promise to let her always play the Lakers. So far she likes it, but she says she's already losing interest in it... :(

Anyway, last night my friends Denis and Ryan came over for some beers and a little b-ball. Good fun. We did a little round robin tournament, basically just practicing. Ryan doesn't know all the moves yet, and we still don't know how to take full advantage, but we're getting bettter.

The soundtrack is really cool. All hip hop. I don't watch a lot of sports, but I got it in my head that that's all they played at NBA games. So last month when we went to a Lakers-Timerwolves game (while we were in town for my sister's wedding), I expected all this cool hip hop music. Instead it was a bunch of the lame "professional sports music" you always hear. The only time you heard hip hop was when the Laker Girls were on the floor. I WANT MORE HIP HOP!!!!

That game was pretty cool by the way. The Lakers won. This was after the .4 Derek Fisher game, so people were still high from that. One guy behind was kind of annoying, but was somewhat funny. He kept yelling "huuuuwwwwhhhaaaat", which I couldn't place at the time, but is the "What" that Dave Chappelle does while imitating Lil' John...


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