Hollywood Vampyr (2002)

A few years ago, when my sister was working in the film industry, she worked on a film called Hollywood Vampyr. She was on the crew, doing production work, but at some point, she took the place of another actress and played a role in the movie.

I had forgotten about it, and my sister never talks about it (I don't think it was suppose to be all that great), but at her wedding recently, I met a women who worked with her on the film, so that dusted off the cobwebs. She told me I could rent the movie on Netflixs, but I did a search and could not find it. I ended up doing a google search, and it directed to me Amazon.com, where I just bought a new copy from some vendor.

I thought the movie was just a regular vampyre movie, but apparently the movie is a docudrama about the vampyre/goth underground in LA.

Jen, told me a story of the time she had to take a vampyre/goth home after a day of shooting the film. His car was busted or something. During the ride, he went into detail about how he drinks blood of other people. He said that they only drink the blood of people who want them to. Usually friends, not strangers. At this point, Jen said she was getting a little creeped out, but nothing weird happned.

I like most anything to do with vampires. As many people know, my friends and I watched Buffy and Angel until they both bit the dust. My sister actually happened to be in a Buffy episode as an extra in the first season, so Jennifer's ties to this vampyre universe are even closer than mine. :)


Jay Brewer said…
Watched the trailer. Is Jenn in white in the dark holding a sliver of a mirror?

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