Christmas in NYC

We went to NYC a few weeks ago. My birthday gift from Eva was tickets to see Avenue C, which I've been trying to see for the last year. Everytime we'd go to NYC, I'd try to buy last minute tickets for it, but they were always sold out. Eva came to Boston and took care of Leina while Kelly and I went to NYC for the weekend. Thank you Eva for being so thoughtful. We did miss Leina though...;(

Avenue C was pretty funny. Nothing like seeing puppets singing and having puppet sex on Broadway.

Creighton and Tina happened to be in the city that weekend as well so we all hung out. We went to Koi for dinner and it was a sight. A lot of really cheezy people there. Though I did see this guy with a very sweet velvet suit on. Posted by Picasa


Richard said…
I stand corrected. Denis is right, it was Avenue Q, not Avenue C. Thanks Denis for

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