Facebook vs. My own blog

Lately, anything I have found interesting I've posted on Facebook. I do this because more people will see it on FB as opposed to people having to come to blog site. Sorry if this hasn't been active, though I doubt you're that disappointed ;). Maybe I should post some more techy stuff here? Right now I'm just posting Political Propoganda on FB. Have to combat the GOP...


Saturday night, we saw Wicked at the Phantages theater. I'm not all that into musicals, but the story was pretty good. Unfortunately, the music wasn't very remarkable. All the songs had that standard "musical" vibe which I hate. If Hedwig and the Angry Inch every played, I'd go see that in a minute though.

Diana Ross

Last month, Kelly and I went to see Diana Ross at the Gibson Amphitheater (at Universal Studios). In case you didn't know, Kelly is a huge Diana Ross fan. I don't know much about her, but she was pretty good that night. She sang several of the motown hits, and also did some covers. Gordy Berry, Jr. was in the crowd and she dedicated a song to him. I didn't know this, but she has a huge gay following. Sadly, earlier that day her father passed away, so she had to leave right after the show, but despite all this, put on a good show.

The Kite Runner

Last night I went with Tina, Eva, Creighton and Tina (Creighton's wife) to a premiere viewing of The Kite Runner for a charity, The Afghanistan World Foundation . Overall, the film was pretty good. I actually bough the book on Audible a few months ago, but have not listened to it yet, so the plot of the movie was new to me. Some elements seemed far fetched, but it is a work of fiction. There is a part of the film where the main character sneaks back into Afghanistan during the Taliban rule, and he has to wear a fake beard. Unfortunately, it looks all of the other actors portraying the men of Afghanistan are also wearing fake bears. All I could keep thinking of was Team America.

Slow comments on Movable Type?

Thanks to a quick search on google, I found this page which explains that a spam lookup service shutdown their server , which caused the comment process to slow down because it was waiting for a timeout... Hopefully Six Apart tells people. Actually, they did yesterday here

UFO Exploding?

Check out the video footage. Really strange... 40 Miles SouthEast Of Sonora California Exploding Object Amazing Video Footage

Battlestar Galatica is on!!!

I mean ON!!!!! I forgot it was starting up again and it popped up on our Tivo. We had to watch, and it didn't let us down. For a season premiere it was a nailbiter. I thought they were suppose to resolve the season cliffhangers in the premiere and then set you up for another story arc. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned. As an aside, I keep watching shows that for look to me like they are all commenting on the state of our nation, a la King George. A lot of the "Do what's good for the people even if it means breaking laws" kind of plots. Maybe I'm just reading into things here....