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This reminds me of the time I was on a ski mountain and this kid, must of been 9 or 10, asks me what time it was. We're standing right next to the lodge, with this big giant clock on it. I point to it, and say, "Dude, there's a clock right there...". He goes, "I can't read those types of clocks...". It was an analog clock. I tell him what time it was, he takes off, and I'm left there in shock... British Girl Baffles Teacher with SMS Essay Sun Mar 2, 9:14 PM ET Add Technology - Reuters Internet Report to My Yahoo! LONDON (Reuters) - An English essay written by a British teenager in text messaging short-hand has reignited concern among teachers that literacy standards are under threat. The Daily Telegraph newspaper reported on Monday that the 13-year-old's teacher could not decipher what the youngster had written. "I could not believe what I was seeing. The page was riddled with hieroglyphics, many of which I simply
Two interesting articles I read in the NYTimes... The Marketing of No Marketing On a recent Saturday evening, about a hundred serious bicyclists, most of them young men, many tattooed and pierced and at least one wearing striped tights and a floral thrift-shop dress, arrived en masse at Alberta Park in northeast Portland, Ore. They gathered near a fenced-off hard-top court and, in teams of three, began a ''bike polo'' tournament. Almost all were bike messengers, about a third of them local (others from Seattle, San Francisco and elsewhere), and they lived up to the image of couriers as marginal, testosterone-charged troublemakers. They drank beer, smoked cigarettes and other things and yelled profane insults at each other. Metrosexuals Come Out By his own admission, 30-year-old Karru Martinson is not what you'd call a manly man. He uses a $40 face cream, wears Bruno Magli shoes and custom-tailored shirts. His hair is always just so, thanks to three br
Too funny. I showed my cousin Natalia the post from May 20 about hispanics using bleach...This is what she said....What makes this funny is that she and her family moved from Colombia a few years ago... AWhig (5:40:54 PM): i use blogger e m u s r o c k (5:41:20 PM): its a journal site too? AWhig (5:41:39 PM): yeah e m u s r o c k (5:42:06 PM): whats your name e m u s r o c k (5:42:08 PM): or is it private? AWhig (5:42:22 PM): e m u s r o c k (5:42:35 PM): cool e m u s r o c k (5:42:40 PM): 0o0o its like an actual website AWhig (5:42:52 PM): oh read may 20 AWhig (5:43:08 PM): it's about hispanics e m u s r o c k (5:43:48 PM): aight e m u s r o c k (5:44:32 PM): HAHAHHAHAAAAAA e m u s r o c k (5:44:43 PM): your talking about bleach!! AWhig (5:45:05 PM): i know e m u s r o c k (5:45:12 PM): thats hillarious AWhig (5:45:19 PM): is it true? e m u s r o c k (5:45:42 PM): yeah it is e m u s r o c k (5:45:47 PM): my mom used to be like that AWhig
My co-worker shown showed me this...A guy tests the theory that no ones checks the signatures on credit cards receipts, with some pretty funny signatures...I notice that a lot of people do look at the signatures when I sign for things. Maybe they're just going through the motions though, an auto-reflex... [More]
This is a sad article about Dennis Rodman in the NYTimes... [More]