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Barista World Championships

Man wins frothy fight to be best barista . These guys are insane baristas!!! I've been trying to work on my frothing technique at home, but I don't think I'm world class yes. I still haven't replaced my milk thermometer that was eaten by the disposal last month. I've been kind of guessing when I've reached the right temperature...

We made the Boston Globe!!!

Image / Your Life / House & Home / Karaoke crowd brings it home: Kelly Cook, 34, and her husband, Richard, have introduced dozens of friends and family members to the joys of singing to an audience in the comfort and privacy of their Cambridge home. ''I'm Asian," explains Cook with a laugh. ''Karaoke is in my genes!"

Google Talk

Type in the first few words of a sentence and see what Google comes up with. I typed in, "I like big"...can you guess what it can up with? Quick what's the first thing that comes to mind? Google talk a Google Hack by Douwe Osinga

a picture for you

You guys must be getting sick of these photos by now...;)

a picture for you

Leina and Anya with phone

Me and Leina

Kelly thinks she looks a lot like me in this pic.

Perpendicular Hard Drives

I read on slashdot about Hitachi's new technology for increasing hard drive capacity. It involves taking the bits on the drive and organizing them perpendicularly, so that more bits can be added. The following is a flash animation that explains the whole thing in layman's terms, which is actually quite funny.