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Fasting fakir flummoxes physicians

This Indian mystic claims to not have eaten or drunk anything for several decades. He stayed in a hospital and had doctors monitor him for 10 days where he proved to them that he was telling the truth. Wild man. Fasting fakir flummoxes physicians

'Gross' turkey tipple gobbled up

Kelly thought of a Thanksgiving Martini. Vodka and vermouth with a turkey leg stuck in to the glass. Here's the real deal. BBC NEWS | Business | 'Gross' turkey tipple gobbled up : "'Gross' turkey tipple gobbled up 'Hints of sweet caramel and savoury lard' await the drinker A soft drink flavoured with turkey and gravy, which even its creator admits is undrinkable, has become a surprise hit ahead of the US Thanksgiving holiday."

Now that's what I call service

So funny...Bush's youngest brother is getting divorced. It looks like he's doing quite well just because he's Dubya's bro. Also, you gotta love this quote: The Bush divorce, completed in April after 23 years of marriage, was prompted in part by Bush's relationship with another woman. He admitted in the deposition that he previously had sex with several other women while on trips to Thailand and Hong Kong at least five years ago. The women, he said, simply knocked on the door of his hotel room, entered and had sex with him. He said he did not know if they were prostitutes because they never asked for money and he did not pay them. "Mr. Bush, you have to admit it's a pretty remarkable thing for a man just to go to a hotel room door and open it and have a woman standing there and have sex with her," Brown said. "It was very unusual," Bush said. - Bush brother's divorce reveals sex romps - Nov. 25, 2003

Woohoo. Pure Profit Baby

Well, back when I bought my Tivo back in September of 2001 (right after I got laid off), I opted for the lifetime subscription for $200, instead of paying $10 a month for service. So it was a little bit of gamble....If Tivo went out of business before 20 months went by, I'd lose....anything after 20 months, I'd win. Well, I'm now at 25 months, so I made it. My Tivo service is effectively free. Hahahahaha. I finally made a wise investment. ;)

Comcast is pissing me off

Cable rates are going up again. I'm already paying too much for cable. And our channels below channel 10 are not coming in right, so the cable guy has to come in for a visit... / Business / Comcast hiking cable rates