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Funny convo...Somewhat, and a little educational... AWhig (10:38:03 AM): how's your shit going? hankhsia (10:38:17 AM): ok, just peddling bleach AWhig (10:38:19 AM): what brand do you work with? AWhig (10:38:23 AM): clorox? hankhsia (10:38:33 AM): yup AWhig (10:38:55 AM): the people who worked as william morrison got free you get free bleach? hankhsia (10:41:55 AM): yup. we get coupons for free bleach hankhsia (10:42:21 AM): you want some. according to our market research hispanic consumers use proportionally more bleach AWhig (10:42:29 AM): why is that? hankhsia (10:42:31 AM): so, you probably do to :-D AWhig (10:42:36 AM): to clean the floors, etc.? hankhsia (10:42:48 AM): big families. disinfecting is huge in latin america. bleach is cheap hankhsia (10:42:59 AM): clean everything - toilets, tubs, sinks, floors AWhig (10:42:59 AM): ah AWhig (10:43:15 AM): so instead of getting different cleaners for different things, they just use bleach? AWhig
This is from Slashdot... Many young people around the world use the internet every day, and yet they have no memory of the history that led to the creation of the global network. Many have no understanding of how or why the internet has developed. As part of out continuing efforts to combat ignorance around the world, The Lemon is proud to present this timeline... One of the links off the timeline is to Zombo . I find it very soothing for some strange reason. Very empowering too. I can do anything at only limit is myself..... Rich
Funny Story Shanting (10:41:28 AM): i love practical jokes Shanting (10:41:35 AM): i pulled the ultimate last summer AWhig (10:41:37 AM): what's the last one you pulled? Shanting (10:41:44 AM): have you heard of tony and tina's wedding? AWhig (10:41:50 AM): yeah Shanting (10:41:57 AM): i told my 13 year old stepson and his best friend we were going to my friend tony's wedding AWhig (10:42:06 AM): ha Shanting (10:42:07 AM): so you know, in the show, they all act like they know you Shanting (10:42:33 AM): so, i finally let my stepson know because tony was saying how we shouldn't have had that weekend together last month so close to his wedding, yada yada Shanting (10:42:43 AM): but his friend kelly Shanting (10:42:46 AM): he was clueless Shanting (10:42:51 AM): his eyes were big as saucers Shanting (10:43:08 AM): one bridesmaid walked donw the aisle pregnant Shanting (10:43:18 AM): another on top of a groomsman and they were making out Shanting (10:43:2
Action the major ingredient for perfect film THE formula for creating the "perfect" film has been discovered by an academic. To create a hit movie directors need to combine seven essential elements in the right proportions to ensure they have success, according to university lecturer Sue Clayton. Her research has revealed that the blueprint for a perfect feature must have: action 30pc, comedy 17pc, good v evil 13pc, love/sex/romance 12pc, special effects 10pc, plot 10pc and music 8pc. [More]
The end of this story is pretty funny... Taken from this Jello Bio April 15, 1986 Two weeks after Dead Kennedys are publicly targeted by Susan Baker of the PMRC, Biafra's house in San Francisco is raided and torn apart by a squad of Los Angeles and San Francisco police officers. Cops even ransack the cat-box hoping to find - well… ask them. "Frankenchrist" albums and Giger posters are taken from the house and the Alternative Tentacles/Mordam offices. June, 1986 Biafra and four others are charged in Los Angeles with one count each of "Distribution of Harmful Matter to Minors". They are the first people in American history to face criminal charges over a record; three years before the attack on 2 Live Crew. Biafra and other supporters form No More Censorship Defense Fund to cover the money to fight the charges. Defendants face a possible one year in jail and a $2,000 fine. The law had never been used before. The L.A. City Attorney's office
Like Eddie Murphy said..."Earn hundreds of dollahs in the comfort of your own home..." It is audacious, ingenious and a little bit scary. Basically, it attempts to protect chemical plants, reservoirs and airports—all targets where terrorists could get horrifying results with relatively little effort—by a system involving 10 million Webcams and a stay-at-home army of up to a million watchful citizens. [More]