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Spanish Flea lyrics

I love this song!!! Spanish Flea There was a little spanish flea A record star he thought he'd be He heard of singers like Beetles and The Chipmunks he'd seen on TV Why not a little spanish flea? And so he hid Inside a doggie from madrid He arrived in the city Still singin his sweet harmony As proud as any flea could be He walked around As if he owned the town Humming his pint sized melody With his guitar he knew he'd be a star And in his own home town, how proud he'd be Then all at once he met a man Who said, "I'll help you if i can" He listened close to his song And then he sang right along for you see He loved that little spanish flea

Brutal story

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Don't try this at home

Man. I downloaded the video of the American who got beheaded off of some site. I was kind of curious. But as they say, curiousity killed the cat. Big mistake. Very gruesome and creepy too. They're all chanting Allah Akbar as they're cutting his head off. My wife says I polluted my chi by watching this... Don't recommend it. Not to say it's okay, but from what I read, he was offered a ride out of there before this all happened, and the US had recommended that people not hang out there. He should of gone to someplace that was not as volatile.

Pretty good rip on B list stars

Rip Last night Sony held a celebrity studded party for Playstation 2 at the Mayan Theater. Couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting a celeb. Lara Flynn Boyle looking positively emaciated didn't have vip access but walked right in when the sleazy velvet rope man saw her. Shannon Elizabeth looking sad that no one likes her now that she wants to keep her top on. Leonardo Di Caprio sans Gizelle, drunk as hell and all over several girls. Iggy Pop and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's performed and phoned it in for their personal appearance fees. Karen O (of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's slipped out of her limo in the"

Hello, Pay Phone Information? Enthusiast Provides the Answer

The New York Times > New York Region > Hello, Pay Phone Information? Enthusiast Provides the Answer

Trip to Dallas

I haven't posted in awhile, so I thought I'd start back up with some photos of my weekend trip to Dallas. We went to visit Kelly's friend Tina and her husband David. Good people. One of the things we did while in Dallas was visit the Sixth Floor Musuem , which is actually the book depository building from where Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK. Way cool. They had it sealed off, but the actual corner on the 6th floor where LHO perched his rifle is all there, with book boxes and all, that he used to conceal himself. They also had a section sealed off where they found the rifle after he dumped it. We had an audio cassette tour, and read the displays, viewed the photos, saw the Zapruder film, and analyzed forensic evidence. We determined that LHO was a patsy and was in cahoots with a Cuban underground who didn't like JFK's policies... The best part was going outside and taking pics at the assassination site. Now, I'm not morbid, but it's just cool to be i