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AWhig (10:08:13 AM): succubitch mayabazar (10:08:38 AM): huh? mayabazar (10:08:55 AM): oh--the buffy word you were trying to remember? AWhig (10:08:55 AM): its' the funny phrase from buffy I couldn't remember AWhig (10:09:19 AM): i remembered on monday, but I forgot to tell you, but then I remembered that I remembered just now AWhig (10:09:27 AM): :-) mayabazar (10:09:45 AM): :-)
So I just had a sardine flavored jellybean, as well as a vomit, and dirt flavored bean. They pretty much tasted like the real things. Courtesy of my co-worker Matt. He bought the Harry Potter jelly beans...
In case you ever want to setup your own home soda fountain... [More]
Maybe those guys who don't wear deodorant are on to something... Study: Male sweat brightens women's moods. Sweating it out over a big date this weekend? If you're a guy, that could be just the ticket, according to a human biology study released by the University of Pennsylvania.
2 things... hmmm and Example... Missy Elliot F Rapper lesbian; bad tipper Too funny
I've seen these before, but I tried this one this morning and it guessed my object in 22 guesses. A lemur. Not bad. Play 20 Questions
I think my eyelid stopped twitching...Let the good times begin!!