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Here's my photograph I bought a few weeks ago. We went to an arts fair in Northampton, MA. and I fell in love with this photo for some reason. It's a line of trees over a dike in Holland. In the background is another line of trees along another dike. I kind of imagine the trees as people. I guess I am now an official art collector.
This was just too funny... NEW YORK (Reuters) -- It's official. Men really are afraid of commitment. Confirming what women have long known, an American study released on Wednesday shows men are dragging their feet on getting married. Researchers say one of the biggest reasons that men are delaying marriage is that more and more couples are choosing to live together before marriage. As a result, sex -- traditionally one of the main reasons for men to marry -- is relatively easily available, they say. Read [More]
From Slashdot...DaisyMan over on ArsWare has come up with a software based Dead Man's Switch that will, if you don't 'check in' every so often, post a message (presumably about your demise, but whatever you wish) to various message boards, send email (maybe that incriminating evidence?) to your friends, and encrypt specified files on your computer so that 'they' can't have them. Paranoia? Yeah, but they really _are_ watching you ..." [More]
Okay. I've been a bit inattentive lately, but for good reason... Anyway, I just read this and thought it was cool... 'Thinking' robot in escape bid - Scientists running a pioneering experiment with "living robots" which think for themselves today said they were amazed to find one escaping from the centre where it "lives". [More]
I belong to a email list about Richard Buckner. This whole week has been filled with opinions about selling out, etc. because a Jay Farrar tuned showed up in a VW commercial. Anyway, another topic has been favorite RB stories. This one made me laugh... From: "Neil A Gray" Seriously though, I was reminded a little while back of my first buckner show (someone mentioned what i think was the same story). I believe the venue was called little brother's, in columbus (drove down from cleveland). anyway, as was mentioned, some woman's cell phone went off twice (i can't remember which song, but it was something quiet off the hill - maybe emily sparks?). it was really a horrible moment; she was right up front too. I believe his exact words were "what the fuck?!?". his exclamation was about ten times louder than the music had been, leaving a gaping silence afterwards. She sort of scream/whimpered "i thought i turned it off" and
So I had a long week. It all started last Sunday when I slept for about 3 hours and then woke up early to run the AIDS run. I didn't manage to catch up on my sleep until this Saturday when I took a long nap. Between work, and then going to a couple of interviews and then going to Northampton on Thursday night to see Richard Buckner in concert, I barely got any sleep. That night, I left Northampton at 1:30 am. I drove for about a half hour before I decided to stop at a rest stop on the turnpike and take a nap. I was going to do a power nap, but after my alarm went off, I kept sleeping. I ended up sleeping for an hour between 2 and 3 am. Then I got back on the road. I ended up getting home around 4:30 am. The whole time I was pretty much freaked out. I was very tired, and there were no cars on the road, so I couldn't tell how fast I was going unless I looked down at the speedometer. Every time I looked though, I had a hard time switching context from the speedometer to the ro
So I added a Songs section. For fun I record some guitar and vocal tracks. Mostly covers of songs I really like. My first one I'm putting up is a song I just found recently. It's from the Varnaline CD, "A Shot and a Beer". I had the mp3 and just found the CD that the track is from at CD Spins. Unfortunately the CD is out of print. I have some snippets of an original song I'm working on. I'll put that up later....
Some interesting articles on US consumerism and wealth. Someone must of released a report or something, because there are several of these articles hitting the press recently... Why the U.S. Will Always Be Rich Living Ever Larger:How wretched excess became a way of life in Southern California.
Hey, I'm back. Long time no see. How's it goin'? Are you flowin'? Got lots of stuff to write, but I'm kind of beat. Since I last wrote, I went to Italy for a little family vacation, then spent one awesome night in Dublin, then flew to Vegas for a little 3 day fest with friends. My father then wanted me to help him with some computer matters at his office, so he flew me into LA and I spent a few days in Bakersfield, doing a little work and hanging out with friends. I got my 3rd game of golf in while I was there and shot an amazing 135 ;) I just wanted to post our times from today's AIDS Run. It was a 5K. Jay asked me to go run with him, though I wasn't really planning to, and I didn't raise any money, but went as a show of solidarity. PLACE NAME NO. DIV/TOT DIV CITY/STATE FINISH PACE ===== =================== ===== ======== ===== ================== == ======= ===== 163 JAY BREWER 803 35/82 M3039 CA