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Alright, this is down right weird...For all you DVR lovers out there... An Anonymous Coward writes: "Got outrage? According to a story on, a federal magistrate has ordered SonicBlue to track ReplayTV users' every click to see what they're watching , recording, skipping (commercials) and e-mailing to friends. The info is to be given to the entertainment industry control freaks who are suing SonicBlue for allegedly abetting copyright violations."
Alright, I just ate for the first time a Boston Creme Pie donut, courtesy of someone bringing in some D&D into the office. I've never had one before, in all these years that I've lived here in Boston. In fact I've never actually had Boston Creme Pie. So in the name of science and cultural understanding (and cuz I was hungry), I ate one. The creme filling reminded me a little bit like those Cadbury Easter eggs, with that creme in the middle. I don't like those that much. This wasn't too bad. The chocolate glaze eased it down. I am feeling ill though....too much sugar.
Again from Slashdot...this site, has lists of awful things that happened because of software programming errors...Think twice before you leave a comment that says //Fix later ;) [More Info] "I ran across a collection of famous software bugs that have caused large scale disasters including the explosion of the Ariane 5 rocket due to integer overflow and the misfiring of a US Patriot missile that caused 28 deaths because of accumulated floating point error. "