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My home town

Ah. Funny story out of my home town. Guys, know when you're outclassed.... 275-pound prostitute strips attacker 12/19/2003 BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- A 140-pound rapist met his match in an angry, 275-pound prostitute, police said. Adrian Castillo Ramirez allegedly tried to sexually assault a 24-year-old Bakersfield prostitute who was nearly twice his weight. But she took his knife, stripped him naked and paraded him in front of other prostitutes, after asking how many of them had ever been forced into sex at knifepoint. Then she tried to take him -- still naked -- to the police station, reports said. Castillo was charged with failing to register as a sex offender, and with committing forcible sex acts on the 24-year-old and on a 37-year-old woman in a previous incident. He was convicted of four counts of rape in 1988. Castillo pleaded innocent Wednesday, and is being held on $250,000 bail, police said.


Courtesy of Metafilter...A site to give a finger to all those H2's on the road. FUH2 | Fuck You And Your H2

Drinkometer - The Drink-o-Meter Test - How much Alcohol have you consumed?

Another one from Metafilter... Drinkometer - The Drink-o-Meter Test - How much Alcohol have you consumed?

Online Etch and Sketch

Have you seen that guy who does elaborate portraits of sports figures on his E & S? Try and emulate him if you dare... E & S


Courtesy of Metafilter....A huge picture you can peruse of a ton of pop culture things... THE PICTURE OF EVERYTHING by Howard Hallis Arts & Entertainment | The rake's progress

From an interview with Omar Sharif in Salon...I thought this quote was cool... "It sounds like you've gone through a tremendous amount of changes in your lifetime. You have to. People don't stay always the same. No one is always something. You can't be the same at 20 as at 70. It's impossible. It's stupid. If you don't change, then you're very unhappy. See, the great secret of happiness is something very simple: to be satisfied with every age you are. Not to be 20 and want to be 30. Not to be 50 and want to be 40. And not to be 70 and want to be 16. Because all these ages have their own pleasures. I have my pleasures. If I was not my age, I would not have two grandchildren whom I can love and talk to and play with and be proud of. See? All these things are part of pleasures that I couldn't have had before when I was younger. And if I had not made 25 lousy films, I wouldn't be happy to make one little film that I like." The rake

Awesome resource

I was hunting for a movie news rss feed and stumbled upon myRSS, which has a catalog of feeds categorized by interests...very useful... myRSS: Build your own custom RSS channel

Comics RSS

Cool thing pointed to by Metafilter...Comics feeds...Catching up on old Calvin and Hobbes as we speak... Tapestry - Your Favourite Comics by RSS |

Why America is losing the intelligence war

This article talks about why the US has a lack of foreign intelligence. He also touches upon why he thinks people in the US do not learn foreign languages like people from other countries.. Rare is the American who learns a foreign language truly well. Those who do so fall in love with the strangeness of a foreign culture, like the adolescent who becomes infatuated with the streetwalker to whom he lost his virginity. Such people are of no use for intelligence work, for who can be trusted to subvert a culture he loves? Asia Times - Why America is losing the intelligence war

PJ O'Rourke On the Middle East

I use to read a lot of this guy in Rolling Stone... In your last interview for The Atlantic you mentioned that Chris Buckley and Dave Barry are good friends of yours. What would happen if we locked the three of you in a room—with drinks and cigars, of course—and told you to solve the problems of the Middle East? First of all, it better be a lot of cigars and a lot of beer! An awful lot of beer, because we're going to be in there for a long, long time. The problems of the Middle East are the problems of mankind since we came out of the trees. They just happen to be a little more intense. When you look at a chaotic region like the Middle East, what you're really seeing is most of human history, and some parts of America and some parts of Europe and a few parts of Asia are glaring exceptions. The kind of peaceful, productive, incredibly wealthy life that we live in these few areas around the world—this has only been going on for a nanosecond as time goes. It's so excep