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I thought this conversation with Ryan was funny... AWhig (9:25:02 AM): is it still 32 cents to mail something to HI? uhtoot (9:25:28 AM): 32?!?! uhtoot (9:25:35 AM): dude, live in the NOW!!!! AWhig (9:25:35 AM): or is it more or whatever the standard is? AWhig (9:25:37 AM): :-) uhtoot (9:25:57 AM): it hasn't been 32 for a couple years now uhtoot (9:26:10 AM): i think it's like 37 or something AWhig (9:26:24 AM): i don't know these things. they never put a number on the stamps now, cuz they always change it. it's always like a flower or a fucking flag or something uhtoot (9:26:34 AM): that's true uhtoot (9:26:59 AM): i don't really know either AWhig (9:27:05 AM): suckabitch uhtoot (9:27:07 AM): but it's not 32 AWhig (9:27:19 AM): ha